Moon Sugar Decals – a giveaway gone wrong!

If you are a regular reader of my blog you’ll see that I offer my opinion on a lot of nail products.  Although I have a very happy-go-lucky approach to blogging and many of my posts are upbeat… you need to know that I take my reviews and recommendations very seriously.  That’s why I need to share with you the recent issues that I’ve had with Moon Sugar Decals.  It pains me to criticize a small business. But I have to write this post to inform my readers of what’s been going on.

decals giveaway - Copy

Last month I hosted a water slide decal giveaway along with Moon Sugar Decals <original post here>.  The company offered a $20 gift certificate to my randomly selected winner.   I figured this was a great opportunity for my readers to experience these decals that I’ve always had good luck with.  I did not go into this giveaway agreement blindly either- I have ordered from them twice and also reviewed their products twice and have communicated with their rep a bunch of times.  I’ve always had positive experiences with this company UNTIL…

I picked the winner of my giveaway and she used the $20 gift certificate code to purchase products on their website.  She ended up paying out of pocket for part of the order as the gift cert didn’t cover all the charges.  However, she never received her order that she placed roughly 5 weeks ago.  She was communicating with them via email for a while… until they stopped responding.  When I heard of the issue I tried to touch base several times, but no luck.  Neither my winner or I have heard from them and it’s been weeks.  I waited a bit before I typed this because I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt.. there could’ve been an emergency, or vacation, or any number of things.  But enough time has passed that I believe this is a lost cause.  My winner never received the products she was promised and luckily her credit card company was able to re-imburse her card for the charges she made on February 11th.

I would like to apologize to my winner.  I feel horrible that I was involved in this giant pile of disappointment and frustration.  I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to get her the decals she won but I’m glad her credit card company was able to reverse the charges.  I would also like to apologize to everyone who entered my raffle and got their hopes up wishing they would win my giveaway.  Because now I know, there is no prize.

I needed to get this out in the open since I have referenced their products several times on my blog.  Previously, I was happy with their quality of product and level of customer service.  But I will not be recommending them any longer.  I know that my readers look to me for advice on products and the opinions that I voice may impact others’ choices.  That’s why I vow to always tell the truth, nothing but the truth, so help me God.  So there ya have it!

xx Jacqui

19 thoughts on “Moon Sugar Decals – a giveaway gone wrong!

  1. well, THAT sucks. i recently had to tell a company rep who emailed me that i would not be willing to link to their page as i found their products overpriced and of low quality. however, they were polite and no one suffered. poor winner!!

  2. Jacqui, no need to apologize – no harm done. Thank you for sharing your wonderful reviews. I’ll just have to figure out some other way to get custom decals of my boys. 🙂

  3. Jacqui, I feel like this was not your fault. You started this raffle in good faith with a company you had positive results from in the past. I will continue to look to you for wonderful reviews, art and honesty!!

  4. Aw this sucks so much! But don’t blame yourself for it, you can never know something like this and you already had some good experiences with the company, so there really wasn’t any way you could know they would do this… Thanks for sharing!

  5. Boo on them! Glad your winner was able to get the charges reversed. I know stuff happens and people have lives, but when a company takes someone’s money, they need to be able to set that aside to fulfill their business obligations, or at least put their shop on hiatus until they are able to do so. There is no excuse for holding someone’s money and then dropping off the face of the earth like that. Shame on them.

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