Orly Ridge Filler Review

We all know that base coats are essential to a good manicure.  But there’s so many kinds out there.  I only started using Orly Ridge Filler a few months ago, but it has quickly moved up the list to one of my most-used nail products!  I love Orly brand Ridge Filler for a bunch of reasons as shown in my pic…



♥ As a base coat it does a great job of smoothing out your mani.  It builds up a nice even layer that makes your polish look so smooth and professional.  It’s perfect for disguising ridges or uneven nail surfaces.  (My mom swears by this stuff and won’t let me paint her nails without a coat of Orly Ridge Filler underneath!)

♥ The white tint makes for an awesome base for colored nail polish.  It helps build up opaqueness and you may need less coats of color than normal!  This works especially well with neons or sheer colors.

It acts as a good primer to prevent staining. I reach for my Ridge Filler any time I paint my nails navy blue or any other dark color that would typically stain.

It even looks good on its own!  If you want a nice neutral nail but are pressed for time or feeling lazy…. try one or two coats of Orly Ridge Filler by itself (just don’t go too thin on the coats or it may look a little streaky).

 It dries rather quickly.

My only complaint is that the formula is kinda runny so you’ll need to paint it on carefully so you don’t flood your cuticles.  Still, I find myself reaching for this base coat a lot.  Just another reason for me to love Orly!

17 thoughts on “Orly Ridge Filler Review

  1. I swear by Orly Nail Armor – it’s a base and this same ridge filler in one – same color. I don’t have ridges typically – get em now and then and think it’s from medications when I do get them usually but not always. But my polish goes on so well, lasts better, color true and on and on – I won’t use any other base now. I use it always under my polish – toes and hands. I usually do about 2 coats – not enough to fully cover like a color wash does as it stays sort of patchy unless I do like 4 coats. LOVE the stuff. Have heard this one you wrote about is almost the same only does not have a couple ingredients in it that mine does which help with polish adhesion and last factor.

  2. I’ve learned so much from your blog! (and where was that ridge filler when I needed it last week….thank goodness I’ve got my appointment this afternoon!)

    PS: have been seeing gals at my office with their ring finger’s nail all done up pretty… do you have links to blogs you’ve done with this feature? Would love to share it with them 🙂

  3. Great job on the review, in fact the best I have read on this product, well done!

    Vertical nail ridges are generally caused by dehydration which can be as a result of the individual not drinking enough water or the nail products being used are dehydrating the nail plate.

    “Prevention is better than cure”… so “they” say but IMO Orly is one of the few treatments that is truly safe to wear on your nails without doing any damage.

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