Clover Accent Nails

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  I know I’m getting older because I now associate this holiday with eating instead of drinking.  Yup, a free corned beef dinner at mom and dads sounds better than a crowded bar.  I live in a college town and it’s spring break right now so most of the students are gone.  If I went out, I would probably feel at home since the places would be filled with my fellow ‘townies’ instead of young’ens.  But, it’s likely I’ll eat a nice family dinner, do my 30 day ab challenge exercises and call it a night.  OMG, I have to say… my ab challenge is getting so hard!  Here’s what I have to do.  I’m up to 75 situps, 100 crunches, 42 lower ab/leg raises and 65 seconds of plank today.  Phew!  I have to break it up into two workouts per day now… cuz 75 situps at once is a killer!  Enough whining! Let’s look at my st patrick’s day nails…

green glitter st patricks day

I’m wearing AVON Don’t be Jaded as my base color.  Yes, I wore it yesterday too for my other st paddys design.  I’ve noticed a weird pattern that I follow- if I get a new cream polish I like to wear it a few times right away.  It kinda makes me feel bad if I get a lovely new polish, only try it once, then put it on a shelf and forget about it.  I like to cherish my new bottles and use them a lot so they know they are loved.  If inanimate objects have feelings I like to think that my polish bottles are happy and feel appreciated. 🙂  Weird?  Yes, but that’s why you like me!

I also sponged some army green Ulta nail polish on my tips too, but you probably can’t tell since the colors blend well together.  Then I added a coat of a Pretty Woman glitter topper.  I’ve never tried Pretty Woman brand before.  I picked it up at Rite Aid recently and I think the name of this one is GREEN.  Very original huh? 🙂  I like that there’s a variety of glitter sizes in there… glitters like that tend to spread well for me.  I only needed one coat and I got some nice even glitter coverage with it.

I also decorated my ring fingers as accent nails.  Maybe you recognize my clovers ?  They are some of the diy decals that I hand-painted over the weekend in this post.  I stuck my clover decals on and then slathered some Seche Vite topcoat over top.  Like always, I love the the nice smooth finish and quick-dry shine that I get from my bff Seche!

st pattys nails

Do your nail polishes have feelings too? Or is it only mine?

29 thoughts on “Clover Accent Nails

  1. Nooooo my polish has feelings too! Today I wanted to use my Cirque instead of my initial choice of Essence for my jelly sarmie (for tomorrow) and Essence was like “no please use me *sad panda*” lol. Clearly I have problems.
    Ps: love the clovers. That’s exactly what I wanted to do for my st pattys day one

  2. I got this lovely mint green and I feel so bad, cause it stains. I really love the colour but the staining throws me off. I think that bottle of polish will be sad.

    As for the abs, you could divide it into a series. Like do 3 times 25 or something. Might be easier and you wouldn’t have to have several training sessions per day. At least that’s what I did 😀

  3. Haha, when I saw the thumbnail I just thought, wow, Jacqui is really into DIY decals now ; )) This is a great mani, I especially like the base colour with it!
    My polishes absolutely have feelings, and I’m SO GLAD I’m not insane and alone in my insanity. Also, other inanimate objects have feelings too in my life. Like bread. Yesterday I had a firm conversation with a loaf that just wouldn’t unsquish after I sliced it and it came out of the machine. So.
    ; )

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