Day 16 of OMD Challenge- GumDrop Halfmoon

Day 16 is dedicated to RUFFIAN or HALFMOON manicures. I went with a halfmoon today.  I added some texture- I’m not tired of that trend yet!  I LOVE every single one of my textured polishes.  Well, on second thought- I wish my Godiva Pixie Dust wasn’t a three-coater, but I digress….

I’m wearing two coats of Orly Faint of Heart which is a grey cream.  Then I used some nail guide stickers to tape off my nails.  Then I applied two thin coats of Julie G Blueberry Fizz from their Frosted GumDrops collection.  What a pretty textured polish- I just love the baby blue shade and glitter!  I then added some rhinestone studs since those stickers made a weird chevron indent that was begging to be filled in with some pretties!  I like how it came out- the final result kinda reminds me of Cinderella’s dress for some reason. 🙂


In related news- I broke a nail in my office today.  Luckily it was on my ‘non-photographic’ hand.  Should I just keep that one shorter than the rest until it grows out?  I dunno- I’m still staring at it in disbelief!   Boohooie!  Unfortunately, no one in my life will care (oh wait, except for you Nancy 🙂 ).  Can I count on you ladies for support and empathy????

Thanks in advance!   xoxo

16. Ruffian/Half-Moon :

22 thoughts on “Day 16 of OMD Challenge- GumDrop Halfmoon

  1. That’s a gorgeous mani! Wow! And definitely support and empathy from me… I normally keep my nails on my right hand shorter than my left, for that reason 😀 No one has ever commented, or noticed, but if they do I’ll just say I’m a left handed guitarist in training 😀

  2. Love this, and yes it does look like Cinderella’s dress! ^^
    On another hand…hi five for breaking nails…but on our ‘non-photographic’ hand! I actually just cut it off cause it was beyond repair…then decided to go ahead and trim all of my nails(to prevent further breakage)!

  3. This looks great and the tone of that texture polish – lovely. I also thought of Cinderella’s dress 😛
    You could trim them to prevent more breaking, I cut mine off last week (although they didn’t break)

  4. That is GORGEOUS, it’s just. Beyond. I totally dig Julie polishes, but my local Rite Aid does not have any of these textures!
    And I never noticed you only feature one hand for photos…I should consider that, saves time!

    • oh yeah- save yourself the time during the OMD! If I photographed both I would be sifting through pics for hours til I found a good shot with BOTH hands in it! lol

  5. Noooo! Well, at least it was on your other hand. My son grabbed something from my right hand a couple if weeks ago as broke my thumbnail! I was so sad. But glad it was the right hand. 🙂
    These look so stylish and chic! Great job!

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