Day 17 of OMD Challenge- 3D Effects Gradient

Hi y’all! Ready for some holographic goodness for day 17?? I absolutely love my L.A. Girl 3D Effects polishes and I’ve used them 5 times already on my blog. Here comes L.A. Girl holo post # 6 for today’s GRADIENT theme!

I usually do my gradient with a small sliver of sponge and my ‘dabbing’ technique (see my technique here) because I find it clean and effective.  But for today’s look I went with the standard gradient technique that I usually see online which is to apply stripes of polish on a full makeup wedge.  Even though I applied glue around my nails to help with cleanup- pressing the makeup wedge onto my nails made my cuticles get covered with polish- so I’ll probably switch back to my dabbing technique next time!  If you’re interested in the glue I use to help with cleanup you can view my old post here


Here’s the polishes I used:

Orange ♥ L.A. Girl 3D Effects Electric Coral

Red ♥ L.A. Girl 3D Effects Ruby Sparkle

Black ♥ L.A. Girl 3D Effects Black Illusion


View the other participants’ GRADIENTS here:

17. Gradient :

29 thoughts on “Day 17 of OMD Challenge- 3D Effects Gradient

    • Which colors do you have? I ended up buying ONE at rite aid, but they never re-stocked so I placed an order on the LA girl website and got free shipping for my order over $25.

      • I got the purple and teal when they had them at rite aid. the black looks awesome though!!! (the red looks like Zoya Blaze, which i already have but is one of my favorite polishes ever)

        • oh! I have the purple too but haven’t tried it yet. Saving it for my giveaway!!!!!!
          I might order more stuff from their site. Their Sandblast polish was awesome. The pink one was a one-coater and dried in an instant! love them alll!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Does anyone know if they have these in Texas? My sisters are visiting Texas and I’ve been lemming the blue one since you showed us how it dazzles! I’d like the ruby one too.
    Lovely gradient.

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