Nail Challenge Update!


Today is the half-way mark of the Oh Mon Dieu!  It’s the Rather Awesome 31 Day Challenge Giveaway!  If you’re just finding out about our July nail art challenge- it’s not too late to join in!  The links are open til Aug 5th!   Brijit and Eeeek and I want to take this opportunity to thank those of you who have participated this July!  We are blown away with all the unique designs we’re seeing each day!   >>Attention participants- don’t miss the important reminders at the end of this post!

Here’s the full description of the challenge: Oh Mon Dieu! It’s the Rather Awesome 31 Day Challenge Giveaway!

Here’s our reference page with all the links you need to click: OMD Reference Page

Here’s the themes of each day: omd_challenge_july_2013

And here’s what you could win in the end:



♥ Please enter a unique design for each of your entries.  If you use the same manicure for two different themes then only one of them will count towards a raffle entry.   EXAMPLE: You cannot use the same pink heart manicure for PINK day and HEARTS day to earn a total of two raffles.  If you did this you will unfortunately earn only one raffle entry (the excess raffle entry will be removed).  You still have time to make up for it though!

♥ Please ensure that your photos are accessible.  If they are linked to a private account (i.e., facebook profile) and we can’t see them, you’ll need to adjust the security settings to make them viewable.

♥ If you have missed a few days and want to make them up- don’t worry!  You can always squeeze submissions in by the August 5th deadline.

♥ DAY 31/ Recreate your Favorite:  Here’s some clarification on this theme…You need to pick another mani from the OMD challenge and recreate it to be your own.  EXAMPLE: If you liked Brijit’s Neon Leopard Mani from Day 6- then do your own version of that design for your day 31 entry.  You can make your version similar to Brijit’s, or you can change it up by using different colors, etc…

♥ If you are just starting the challenge now you can jump in on the day 15 theme… or you can start at a prior day.  You don’t have to do every day, but the more you do the better your chance of winning a prize at the end!

We want to re-iterate these rules, not because we are stuffy rule-makers… on the contrary, we are very laid-back ladies LOL!  But we understand how hard you are working to put out amazing designs each day.  And we want you to know that we will be verifying entries so you get a fair chance at winning a prize at the end!   And for anyone who has accidentally ‘doubled up’ and used the same manicure twice- you still have time to do a new mani and enter the new link by Aug 5th!   If you have any questions about your past submissions or questions about the rules and regs- just let us know!  Also, you can find the full terms and conditions on the bottom of this post

Are you gearing up for the final stretch now?  The themes are more complex, but with a little creativity I know we can pull it off. 😀  Thank you for participating in our challenge and keep up the good work!


Jacqui from Craftynail

Brijit from Brijit’s Digits

Jemma from Eeeek! Nail Polish!


9 thoughts on “Nail Challenge Update!

  1. Thank you for clarifying the “favorite” look; I would have failed that one with my current plan 🙂 But all is good, I just found another awesome mani from the challenge that I want to re-create! SO MANY MANIS!

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