#31DC2013 Flowers Nail Art

Day 14 of Chalkboard Nails’ Challenge is FLOWERS and I’ve got some brown cherry blossom nails for ya!  I’ll be honest with you… I don’t really like how these nails came out.  I don’t like to be negative… but it is what it is.  And I realized that when I don’t like one of my designs I usually only post one pic.  So here it is….


I’m wearing two coats of a cream brown called Nirvana by Sinful Colors.  A few months back you may remember me whining about how I didn’t have any basic brown polishes… well, now I have one!  I think Nirvana should come in handy for nail art this fall and winter. 🙂    For my floral design I painted some branches using Orly Nite Owl.  I wish I used a dark polish for the branches.  (On this old AriZona Green Tea mani I made the branches black and they looked amazing!) The pink flowers are China Glaze Dance Baby and Orly Kiss the Bride.  I used a toothpick to make black dots in the middle of the blossoms, but the dots came out much bigger than expected (oopsy)!  I topped it off with seche vite and there you go!  These aren’t that fantastical, but they were quick to do, so that’s a bonus.  😀

See some of the other flower nails from #31DC2013 right here:


22 thoughts on “#31DC2013 Flowers Nail Art

  1. I love these. So much so that i put them on my pinterest page to try out the design myself. The colors work so well together and I love pink and brown.

  2. I really liked it, especially the colors you’ve combined! The only thing I can think of improvement would have been to double the flower amounts, like a cherry blossom tree or something like that 😀

  3. I love them !!! I think the brown background with the flowers is stunning !!! Great job, you are so talented !!! I could never paint flowers on my own nails, that is just amazing to me !! Do you do any painting outside of nails ? You are very good at it !!!

  4. Don’t be hard on yourself! I think these came out really nice. We are always hardest on ourselves. Props to you for participating in such a hardcore challenge! Beautiful nails as always!

    • thank you, Cynthia. you’re right, we are hard on ourselves. it’s so stupid, but i guess that pushes us to be better? or depressed and down on ourselves. one of the two! lol

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