Stamped Leopard with a Gradient


Day 11 of the 30 Day Nail Art Challenge is ANIMAL PRINT!  Who doesn’t love animal print?  And what’s the foolproof way to get animal print?  KONAD!  I love my Konad Stamping Kit and plate M57 with leopard print is perfect for today’s theme!

I started with two coats of AVON Nailwear Pro Inspire.  This awesome yellow shade is from a special collection of 3 avon polishes called Zenergy and it curiously reminds me of the The Peter Som Trio for Zoya.  Hmmm?!  Inspire is great because it’s perfectly opaque with two coats which is more than a lot of other yellows can say!  I’m glad I picked this one up- it will be great for nail art.

I waited for my yellow to dry and then I did a gradient using a small piece of a makeup sponge and some Orly Coffee Break.  It looked pretty cool-  I was a little afraid to stamp over top of it in fear that I might mess it up!  Ya see, my nail beds are the EXACT same length as the stamping design on my Konad plates.  That means I have no wiggle room when I’m stamping…. I need to get the placement just right so it covers my nail completely.   I really wish Konad would make their designs bigger!

I finished off the look with some MASH matte topcoat to lock it all in.  Matte topcoats go great with busy designs like this.  It helps diffuse the light so you won’t have a glossy shine to distract from the design. I think it came out great- I love this wild look!  The gradient really helped add some dimension to the leopard print too.  Can’t wait to see what the other bloggers come up with!  Check out this inlinkz link to see the other designs.

Oh speaking of other bloggers… I’d like to mention that I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award and I really appreciate it so much!  Thank you for supporting my little blog!  I haven’t forgotten- and soon I will type up a proper post to thank the girls who nominated me!  😀  Blog on!


31 thoughts on “Stamped Leopard with a Gradient

    • Thnx!! I have been using nail strengthener as a basecoat and i make sure to wrap my tips and even paint underneath the free edge of my nail too. It gets on the pads of my fingers, but when it dries it comes right off. I think keeping the tips of my nails covered at all times deters water from seeping in and causing splitting or weakening.

    • Thanks- I love it too 🙂
      Yeah- my nails are gettin long- I used to file them when I watched tv, and I stopped for some reason!
      It’s gonna start gettin real busy at work next week. I may have to cut them- isn’t it hard to type?

    • Yeah- the shade surprised me! It looked chartreuse in the brochure, but once I put it on it was a nice mustard yellow.
      I can’t seem to find the forbidden fruits online- their website says unavailable 😦

      • Hmm…I can still pull it up using the item number on my version of the site, but I can’t find it just by searching the color names.

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