My new pointy nails!

My Craftynail blog turned one year old yesterday.  So I wanted to do something new and crazy, like a blogiversary makeover. 🙂  I decided to change my nail shape!  I’m dying to show you my new pointy claws…


Beforehand my nails were squoval, but now they’re so different!  Would you call these almond shaped?  I’m not sure the exact term… but I think I’ll call them pointy.  To shape them like this I used a sturdy glass file- I made sure to use one that had a tough grit in hopes of making the filing go faster.  I know you’re not supposed to ‘saw’ your nail back and forth- they say you should only go in one direction when filing.  But honestly, I didn’t want to be here all night…so I used the sawing technique.  I know, bad girl!  But even still, it took a good 50 minutes or so to file them down!  They came out looking shorter than I expected….but I like the cute pointy shape!  It feels very appropriate for halloween too.  I also like not having any ‘corners’ on my nails to bump into things or bend.  The corners are always the first place my polish chips too.  So I’m really enjoying the new feel of my pointy nails.  It’s easier to use the pads of my fingers to get things done and my nails aren’t getting in the way as much.

In these pics I’m wearing Orly Naughty, a cool-weather oxblood sorta color. I also used some nature props to show you what fall is like here in NY right now.  It’s extremely sunny out, the old giant maples in front of my house are gold and burnt orange, leaves are falling all around me and there’s pumpkins and apple cider donuts at every farmstand.  Ahhh it’s so nice today.  I wish today would last all week and maybe we could skip the whole work and weekday thing!


I was thinking of doing a ‘year in review’ post to summarize what happened with Craftynail this past year.  Maybe show you which of my nails designs were my faves, which of my articles is the most popular or gets the most hits, etc…  Let me know if you would be interested in reading something like that!  Oh and lemme know what you think of my pointy nails.  Unless of course you don’t like them, then I don’t wanna know at all.  hahaha!  See ya!

43 thoughts on “My new pointy nails!

  1. yup looks cool, now really wanna see some nailart on ur pointies. And wud love to read the post about ur past one year of blog:-) happy blogiversary

  2. Yes to a year in review, and YEEESS! plus a high five! For the pointies 😀 Love them! Normally I don’t much like them, though also believe my opinion matters not, but at that length on your hands they look amazing!! Go you! 😀

  3. Congrats, happy blogiversary! Yes, yay to the review :)) It’s incredible how different your hands look with these pointies! And I also agree with everysensory, they look great at that length.

  4. happy year! and yah i wanna see year in review. Gotta admit though, your nails look weird! it’s not bad, it just gonna take some getting used to. They look like the end of fancy calligraphy pens…

  5. Happy Anniversary!! Would love a year in review. I tend to leave my nails more or less in the shape they grow out in, but you’re right, I lose the corners of my nail polish/nails first. Don’t know if you watched this (almost over) season of Project Runway, but Helen had some pointy nails similar to this…

  6. önmagában nem nagy szám, de az első fotó nagyon profi!
    firt pictures very beautiful!! Happy Anniversary from Hungary 😉

  7. Ahh I commented saying how much I like them, but it looks like WordPress deleted my comment or something! Maybe it’s because I called them sexy? Sexy sexy sexy claws! (so THERE WordPress)

  8. Love love love them! ❤ They look amazing with this color (surprisingly I don’t think I own any oxblood shades. I may need to look for this one the next time I feel like treating myself).

  9. Happy birthday to your blog! The new nail shape does look perfect for Halloween. I hate how the polish always chips at the square corners of my nails too! I feel like the pointy tips would be prone to chipping off though 😛
    I loved the year in review post too!

  10. I can totally imagine doing this shape on my nails and breaking every single nail. I am so clutzy and I always bang my nails on stuff…hard. So hard that they bend back and they’re super strong so it hurts like a mofo…except for one nail that always seems to break no matter what. I’ve started using rejuvacote so I’m hoping that makes a difference. I wonder how much upkeep you’ll need to do to keep them this shape. Oh, and congrats again!

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