Day 5 of OMD Challenge- Butter London Skittles

I have been so looking forward to DAY 5/Skittles Day of the OMD Challenge!  I don’t normally wear a lot of skittle manis, but I’ve been longing to try out my new Butter Londons (and all at once)!  I have a cute story about these too…

butter_london_skittles_maniMy boyfriend asked me what I wanted for my birthday this year.  I couldn’t really think of anything until it hit me- I want some Butter London!  How can I not own even one bottle of that stuff?  So I showed him the website and asked him to get me my very first bottle.  Fast forward to the day of my birthday- he mentioned that he hopes the UPS truck comes.  I’m thinking, ‘Greatttt… he ordered me a bottle last minute and it hasn’t arrived yet’.  Then later we were sitting on the front porch and the UPS truck pulls out of the neighbor’s driveway and drives right past our house.  I saw my bf’s face drop, like he was really disappointed.  At this point I figure, OK no gifts I guess.  But………. shortly after he comes downstairs with a big paper shopping bag filled with wrapped gifts!  He fooled me pretty good.  He got me 5 bottles of Butter London and each one was wrapped in a separate box which added to the excitement.  That really blew me away!  I told him that I only asked for one, but he got me five?!  He said if every many tried to please his woman five times as hard then there’d be a lot more happy women in the world.  He said it with a smirk on his face… but hey I’m not gonna complain!my_new_butter_londons

My skittles mani consists of….

Yummy Mummy ♥ nude with a slight shimmer (2 coats)

Snog ♥ a super shiny raspberry and my favorite of the bunch (2 coats)

Cheeky Chops ♥ creamy bright yellow (needed 3 coats to eliminate streaking)

Cheeky Stamping Plate CH53 ♥ I LOVE MY BOYFRIEND stamp and Konad black polish

Keks ♥  vibrant blue (2 coats)

Scoundrel ♥ medium dusty purple (2 coats)


See you tomorrow!  And here’s the link to the other designs for day 5:

5. Skittles :

29 thoughts on “Day 5 of OMD Challenge- Butter London Skittles

  1. Awwwwwwwwwwww, Iove me some BL, they are awesome, I only have two so far though 🙂 Maybe I should invest in some Cheaky plates…. haven’t tried those yet…

    Fun and bright mani, and as always perfect outcome ❤

  2. What an awesome guy! I’m so happy you’re on the Butter London train now, too. I hope you like them. Oh, and HAPPY BIRRRTHDAAAYYYYYY!!!

      • Thanks! I started watching My Little Pony after a bunch of my “brony” friends introduced me to it. I guess I’ve always liked animated shows, and it had a nice visual style and a surprisingly good story for a kids show. I feel so guilty now for not keeping up with the nails for the past couple of weeks, but I was so excited about getting some manis done ahead of time for the OMD challenge ^-^;

  3. There must be something about Butter London and boyfriends?! Mine have me three for valentines day probably because he was sick of hearing me prattle on about how pretty but expensive they were hahaha

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