Here comes the sun!

I have been recently nominated for the Sunshine Award!  Wow I’m so grateful to learn that I inspire other bloggers out there!  Four ladies nominated me and I faithfully follow each one of their blogs, so it’s wonderful to hear that the love is reciprocated.  Oh, blogosphere- you are so full of inspiration, friendship and warm fuzzies!  A special thanks to the lovely bloggers who nominated me:

Brjit’s Digits

Diary of a Beauty Therapy Student

Little Bits and Pieces of Life

Eeeek! Nail Polish!

Here’s the deets about the Sunshine Award: sunshine-award

-Thank the person who nominated you
-Post the award logo on your blog
-Share 7 facts about yourself
-Nominate 5 or more other blogs that inspire you

Who I nominate:

Ooh La La Nails–  Amy’s always inspiring me!  I wanna copycat her ruffian next 🙂

Upclose & PolishedI love Marthe’s feather nails!  Makes me want to dig out my feathers, for sure!

Nail Art for DummiesAre these nails inspired by Kill Bill or sneakers?  Both!  And I love them!

Sparkling Noisecheck out these raindrop nails! SOOO cool!

My Adventures in Nail Art– Months later I still remember this heart manicure of hers.  Amazing!

Seven facts about me:

1) Ya know how some people hate to see other people wearing pajama pants in public?  They think it looks sloppy and lazy I guess.  Well, it doesn’t really bother me.  I think hmmm, you look comfy.

2) I have a bread machine that I love and I use it all the time to make pizza dough.  Check out some of my creations (I get the side with eggplant n veggies, he gets pepperoni! And the white one is a chicken alfredo pizza).

3) The reason I’m posting pics of food is because I’m currently on day two of the 3 Day Military Diet and I feel really really hungry right now!

4) I have two cats named Fergie and Aphrodite.  They’re the perfect combo of sugar n spice!

bad_fergie aphrodite

5)  I may not be the most patient person in the world, but I don’t really get road rage.  I figure some people drive stupid and there’s nothing I can do to change that. 

6) I’m looking forward to summer because I love getting tan, my hair gets blonder and I can go swimming!  When I was a kid I’d stay in the pool as long as possible.. or until my lips turned purple and my mom would make me get out!

7) I ordered some nail stuff from an amazon seller but they totally messed up my order.  Once they ship me the correct items I plan to organize a sweet giveaway.  One prize pack for US entrants, and another one for international!

Thanks again for the Sunshine Award!  All this sunshine brings a big smile to my face!