Nail Art Ideas Linkup – Sports Theme!

Hi everyone!! The sports theme for NAIL opened up yesterday and although I don’t watch much sports on tv… I do like to play them sometimes.  Bowling has been a part of my life since I was a kid- so how about some bowling nails?  I had the idea in my head that painting bowling pins would look super cute.. so here’s my attempt!


You can see in the pic that I’m holding a skinny little bottle of Essence Tip Painter.  It has a super thin brush that’s supposed to be used for painting on french manicure tips.  Well lemme tell you, this thing came in so handy for painting the bowling pins!  I love how teeny tiny the brush is, so I actually cleaned it with acetone and used it again with black nail polish to make outlines around the pins.  I also used it to outline the bowling ball and then l painted inside of the ball with Orly Sweet Peacock.  I couldn’t decide what to do with my accent nail so I did a glitter sandwich!  I just piled on layer after layer of different glitter topcoats til it looked super glitzy.  Afterall, bowling is a glitzy and glamorous sport, no?  LOL, not quite.


FYI- my base color is Butter London Tea With the Queen which dried so slow!!  Is it just my bottle, or is this stuff really slow to dry?  I did one coat of Tea With the Queen on both hands last night, and then another coat today.  But the Butter London never seemed to dry on either hand.  And I’ll be honest, I didn’t paint bowling pins on my right hand, that hand only had the two coats of Butter London.  Even 2 hours after applying my second coat, it was tacky and I could scrape the polish right off with the tip of my fingernail.  I just sat here and scraped it all off.  Even my bowling nails on my left hand (which had seche vite on top) all scraped right off too.  I’m not sure what the deal is.  Do any of you experience this with Tea With the Queen or is my bottle defective or something?

If you’d like to do a sports-themed manicure for Nail Art Ideas Linkup you have til Sept 15th- here’s the link:

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