September 2013 Nail Art Ideas Linkup

Have you heard about our nail art challenge*?  Brijit’s Digits, Eeeek! Nail Polish! and I are hosting a monthly challenge* called Nail Art Ideas Linkup!

Why is there an asterisk by the word challenge?? Even though Nail Art Ideas Linkup (NAIL) sounds like a regular ol’ nail art challenge…. it’s actually more of a way for us to share our nail art!  So Brijit, Jemma and I prefer to call it a Linkup. 😀  We’ve got four nail art ideas (themes) per month… so you’ll never run out of inspiration for your next manicure design!  It’ll be fun to share our NAIL pics with eachother each week so join in whenever you’d like!  It’s not a challenge per se, so you don’t have to do each week if you don’t want to.  Plus, after each weeks’ links close up- you can cast 3 votes for your favorite NAIL Genius Of The Week!

Each theme will have links open for one week.  Example- Theme 1 is Back to School.  So you can post your ‘school mani’ anytime between Sept 2 and Sept 8 by accessing the inlinkz on my Nail Art Ideas Linkup Reference Page on the menu of my blog.  Your submissions will need to be a URL from your blog, Instagram, Facebook account, etc.  All we ask is that you post a unique design that you created with the Linkup in mind.  And if you happen to win NAIL Genius Of The Week we’ll create a cool little brag badge for you!

Here are the dates & themes for September 2013……

Theme 1- BACK TO SCHOOL: Sept 2 – Sept 8

Theme 2- SPORTS: Sept 9 – Sept 15

Theme 3- GAMES & APPS: Sept 16 – Sept 22

Theme 4- ASTROLOGY: Sept 23 – Sept 29

Are you ready for some September nail art inspiration?  Do you think you’ll join in?  Drop a comment!