Caviar French Tips


I’ve got some cool nails for you today as part of the Nail Art Challenge!  The theme for day 23 is CAVIAR NAILS and I’m using some Nail Pearls made by Pretty Woman.   They were $7.99 at Rite Aid which seems to be a bit cheaper than other micro-beads on the market.  This little bottle of Nail Pearls has A LOT in it.  I don’t see myself running out anytime soon!

Before I posted this I did a quick google search to refresh my memory on whether or not I could use the term CAVIAR in my post.  If you have been blogging, or reading blogs for a while, then you may be familiar with all the drama surrounding the coined term ‘Caviar Manicure’.  If you’d like to read more about last year’s Caviar debate- then here’s a good summary posted by The PolishAholic.  When this debate went down I thought, “who is this Ciaté company, and why are they being such jerks?”.  A year has passed, now I’m a blogger, I’m more familiar with their products, and I still don’t own any Ciaté stuff.  HA!  Take that caviar and eat it, Ciaté!

pretty_woman_nail_pearlsMoving on to my non-Ciaté caviar nails mani!  I wanted to try something different… so I decided just to cover my tips with the micro-beads.  I have been lucky lately, I have had no nail breaks, my tips are all long, and they’re all the same length- so I might as well do this caviar french manicure while my luscious nails are in tact.  Geesh, I hope I didn’t just jinx myself!!

To start out I painted my nails with a sheer french manicure color from Sally Hansen and I waited for like ever for it to dry.  Then I had to figure out a way to get the caviar on just my tips… but I really wanted a clean, straight line.  So I used rubberbands!  I stretched a rubberband across my nail and kinda held it taught with my thumb and neighboring finger.  Then I applied my basecoat to just the tip and tried not to touch the clearcoat to the rubberband.  Then I poured the nail pearls over the basecoat.  A lot stuck, but there were still some bald spots… so I dunked my tip in to a shotglass with nail pearls in it and kinda smushed my finger down into the pearls to really get them to stick.  The rubberband worked as a nice little shelf that the beads could push up against to form a straight line.  When I released the rubberband I used a dotting tool to re-position any of the pearls that weren’t straight.  The instructions said after 20 seconds to push down on the pearls- so I did that too.  After a few minutes the basecoat dried and my pearls were stuck on better than expected.  The rubberband thing worked pretty well!  As you can see, I got a nice clean line of beads!  Hopefully sometime soon I can post more about all the other wonderful nail art uses for rubberbands. 😀


I quickly took some pics and even though my nails were cute and the pearls were secured well enough, I couldn’t wait to get them off!  If I left them on… I envisioned myself leaving little little trails of pearls every where I went.  Like a modern day Hansel and Gretel.  LOL!  I’d like to try it again sometime… but I just wasn’t feelin it today.

What’s your opinion on caviar manicures?

L.A. Girl Brilliant Blue Swatch


Today is day 5 of the 30 Day Nail Challenge and the theme is BLUE.  I’m wearing L.A. Girl Brilliant Blue and it’s about as blue as you can get!  This polish amazes me.  I want it in every color!  The scattered holo effect is very intense and my boyfriend said it’s like ‘looking at the cosmos’.  I dunno, maybe he said it just to humor me.  Hahaha.   Shown in the pics is two coats without a topcoat.  One thing I love about this polish is that it looks like a glitter, but it’s oh so smooth upon application.  It’s easy to remove too.  la_girl_holographic_blue

I love this blue and there’s nothing more to say about it.  The pictures speak for themselves!   I’m thinking of ordering some more online since my local Rite Aid hasn’t restocked their L.A. Girl 3D Effects display.  Their website has free shipping in the US if your order is over $25 and most of their polishes are $5 right now.  (I can’t find any international shipping info on their site though :(.)  They carry metallics, textured, neons, glitters, scented polish and a whole line of french manicure colors too.  Check ’em out here: L.A. Girl/Nails.

naughty and nice french mani w/ scotch tape!

naughty and nice french manicure

Naughty~ my tips are painted with an oxblood shade of Orly called Naughty.

Nice~ my pink topcoat is a pretty little bottle of Zoya flakies called Chloe.

Orly Naughty

NAUGHTY- Orly Naughty on tips

I used the scotch tape technique for this mani. Why have I not tried transparent tape til today??  I applied it on my bare nails and it was fool-proof!  The taping process took just seconds…

Zoya Chloe

NICE- Zoya Chloe pink flakies

I just tore off a piece (maybe an inch long) and then placed it near my nail line.  Before I pressed down hard to secure the tape… I tugged up a lil bit on the sides of the tape to make a slight curve to the line.  Once my tape was pressed down nice and tight, I painted a base coat on the tips and then two coats of Naughty.  I was nervous when I peeled the tape off but I got a beautiful clean line! Scotch tape- I LOVE YOU. So much easier than those tiny nail guide stickers!  Then to finish it off I applied a single topcoat of Zoya Chloe.

naughty and nice in the shade

in the shade

FYI~I ran out of Scotch brand tape and had to switch to Rite Aid invisible tape in the middle of my manicure.  What a difference!  The Scotch worked way better than the store brand! Who woulda thunkit?

Sinfully Magnetic Snakeskin Review

sinfully magnetic force field

I have been eyeing this magentic polish in Rite Aid for about a month now!  I already have a few magnetic polishes in my stash, but this snakeskin effect is way different than anything I own.   Yesterday the display was really picked through so I finally broke down and bought a bottle before I missed my chance!   This gorgeous green shade is called Force Field.  I totally messed up the first mani I did… so here’s some tips that I learned:

  • apply a basecoat and then one thin coat of the magnetic polish
  • wait for that first coat of color to dry
  • apply a healthy second coat and place the magnet over the nail
  • the magnet may not reach all areas of your nail, but DO NOT rotate your finger from side to side to get better magnetic coverage- this will just mess up the crispness of the design
  • wait for the magnetized second coat to dry before putting a topcoat on or else you’ll ruin the cool snakeskin effect

Sinful Colors Snakeskin Magnetic

The manufacturers website says that the Sinfully Magnetic Snakeskin collection is available exclusively at Rite Aid. I picked up my bottle for $4.99.  I bet the magnet that came with it will work awesome with other brands of magnetic polish too (some of the other magnets I own are puny and don’t even cover the length of your nail).  Plus, this one has a nailguard to prevent you from accidentally smushing your wet nail into the magnet.

I give this polish 5 stars 🙂 Here’s a close-up…

closeup force field