Repurposed Work Surface for Nail Art

If you’re anything like me- then you hate throwing out your cool wall calendars when the year comes to end!  I usually have several calendars hanging up throughout my house and they’re filled with beautiful pics of animals, landscapes or whatever, and I never have the guts to toss them out.  So I save them to use as a work surface for my nail art!


I cut the pretty pics into rectangles and keep a stack of them with my nail supplies.

When I need a work surface for nail art I pull one out and it works great to protect my counter.  They’re perfect to slap some polish down on if you plan to do some dots with a dotting tool.

Acrylic paint or nail polish does not soak through the surface since calendars are usually made from thick glossy paper.

The pretty pictures make you smile when you get ready to paint your nails!

This is a silly little tip- but it’s one of the crafty ways that I re-use and recycle! What kind of surface do you lay down when you do nail art?