Read My Palm!


I’m psyched that the theme for today’s 30 Day Challenge is GREEN!  Green is probably my favorite color for nails- and the shade I’m wearing today is just my style.  It’s called Sephora by OPIRead My Palm  and it’s a sage colored cream.  I pulled some inspiration from the name of the polish and came up with this idea:  Palmistry Nail Art!  I can paint my nails to look the lines on the palm of my hand.  Sure, why not paint part of my hand onto another part of my hand?  Sounds logical.  LOLread_my_palm

I started with two coats of Read My Palm.  Then I used my sephora nail art brush and some black nail polish to mimic my heart, head, fate and health lines.  I used my own palm as a reference, so this mani is just as unique as me!  The awesome thing about this design is that I didn’t need to make the lines perfect since neither are the lines on my hand.  I also painted a star on my ring finger and a cross on my index since I found some prominent markings on my mounds. Lol hmmm, interesting!  One means I’ll come across a lot of money and I’ll excel in the arts, and the other means an affectionate relationship will alter me and I’ll marry for love.  😀

Wanna hear more about Palmistry?  Keep readin’…

WHAT ARE THE MAIN LINES ON OUR PALMS?  Here’s a handy dandy sketch I made to help you identify your lines!  Like her fuchsia painted nails?


RIGHT OR LEFT PALM?  Which hand are you supposed to analyze when reading your palm?  There’s varying opinions on this.  Some say that if you are right-handed, then you should read your right hand… and lefties should read their left hands.  On the other hand, I’ve heard that an analysis of your dominant hand represents the situation you were born into.  Then as you get older you should read your non-dominant hand which represents the circumstances that you find yourself in as you age and progress in life.  I went with the latter since that seems to make sense to me.

WHAT DO THE LINES MEAN?  Here’s a really good site that discusses all the different lines in detail: Psychic Library/Palmistry Room. If you have love on the brain and you’re interested in marriage lines then here’s a neat site for you:


Hope you enjoyed my palm reader nails!  They were fun to work on! 

Have you learned anything about yourself from palm reading?