Twinkle, Texture and a Little Tip!

peach_purple_swirl_roseThe title of this post cracks me up! I don’t know… maybe my mind is a tad bit in the gutter. Or maybe it just sounds silly or something. Am I alone here? ūüėÄ

So how did I come up with the name twinkle, texture and a little tip?

1- My base coat is called TWINKLE by Pure Ice.¬† The formula is thick but it’s a stunning coral color with orangey/gold shimmer.¬† Takes forever to dry, but nothing a little Seche Vite can’t fix.¬† I love this warm peachy shade…¬† it feels shimmery, sunny and makes me look tan!¬† Take a look ‚Üď


2- I grabbed my TEXTURE polish for some quick rose nail art!¬† I was inspired to try this out after seeing work/play/polish’s awesome Minnie’s Closet mani.¬† To create this look I applied Milani Texture in Purple Streak over top of my coral base.¬† I used a detail brush which worked ok, but I had to keep cleaning it with acetone since the textured polish would gunk up quickly.¬† It came out nice for my first attempt though ‚Üď


3- Here’s A LITTLE TIP: save your soda bottle caps!¬† They come in handy to mix paint up in… or just to use as a little palette to drop some polish into for your nail art.¬† Have you ever tried to return bottles in one of those recyclable redemption machines and noticed that they ask you to remove the caps first?¬† Well now you can make good use of them!


Hope you likey!¬† Thanks for reading.¬† And don’t forget- Eeeek and Brijit and I are planning a JULY Nail Art Challenge so get your brushes ready, ladies!!¬† You don’t have to do every design for every day…¬† so no stress!¬† I really hope you join us!¬† More info to come!