Temporary Tattoos!


I’ve been dying to test out tattoo nails forever!  So I recently picked up a couple packs of temporary tattoos at the local dollar store.  The tats that I chose for this mani were random.. I used the Japanese symbol for friend, a butterfly wing and some swirls.  I love how the pinkie came out- reminds me of that movie Nightmare Before Christmas!

I wanted the background to be reminiscent of my bare skin so I used two coats of Sephora by OPI Leotard Optional as my base color.


I tested the temporary tattoos on my dominant hand until I got the technique down.  Here’s some tips I learned:

cut_tattoos♥ Wait for your base color to dry completely before applying tattoos.

♥ Cut down the tattoos with scissors to roughly match the size of your nail.  This makes cleanup non-existent (yay) and will also make for easy placement of the design.

♥ Apply the tattoo to your nail by following the same instructions on the package.  With one exception- use more water than normal!  That helps loosen it up so when you lift the paper off there won’t be any tattoo sticking to it.

♥ The glue that transfers from the paper to the nail may feel a bit bumpy.  You may need more than one topcoat.

I have some celestial tattoos that are calling to me now!  Man, these tattoo nails came out great and I can’t wait to try this again.  I love non-traditional nail art that can be created with everyday things or stuff lying around the house!