Sally Hansen Dry and Go Drops Review

sally_hansen_dry_go_dropsI love a good review!!   My ears always perk up when someone talks about whether a product lives up to it’s promises. Give me the scoop!! Lately I’ve been interested in those quick drying drops that we see on the market. So when I spotted these Sally Hansen Dry & Go Drops at Harmon store for $6.39 I decided to give them a go.  I have been impressed with Sally Hansen lately since their Maximum Growth Treatment has made my nails long and in tip-top shape… so let’s see how their drying drops work.  Dazzle me, Sally Hansen!

PACKAGING This product packaging claims that this is a fast nail polish dryer which helps prevent smudges and dings.  Your nails are supposed to be dry to the touch in 60 seconds, and completely dry within 2 minutes.  It also has vitamin E to moisturize the cuticles (this is the part I was most worried about- I definitely don’t want to dry my cuticles out from whatever quick-dry chemicals are in here).  The bottle is 11ml which is larger than many of it’s competitors (like Qtica).  It comes with a black cap that you remove and discard… and then replace with the included dropper cap.

APPLICATION:  It says to apply nail color and top coat and then wait 60 seconds.  Then drip 1 or 2 drops of this stuff on each nail.

I started with a completely dry base coat that was painted on the day before.  Then I applied one coat of this awesome neon from Color Club called Lava Lamp.  I waited for the first coat to dry completely- probably a good 45 min.  Then I applied two more coats of Lava Lamp (about ten minutes apart).  So essentially I had three coats of color.  Then I did one coat of Sally Hansen Nail Shine Miracle topcoat.  I waited 60 seconds as instructed….and I then applied two drips of the Dry & Go drops to each nail.  Here’s what my nails looked like last night right after applying the drops. ↓


ACTUAL RESULTS:  Sorry, but this stuff doesn’t really work that well.  My nails still felt tacky after a few minutes.  If I very lightly swept the pad of my finger over the surface of my nail I suppose it felt a tiny bit dryish, sort of.  But definitely not dry.  If I wasn’t laying on the couch watching a movie I would have dinged up my nails for sure.  However, my cuticles were happy with these drops!  They really felt moisturized and conditioned (to my surprise).   I went to bed two hours after applying these Dry & Go Drops and uh-oh… here’s what I woke up to in the morning.  Sheet marks! ↓


FINAL THOUGHTS:  This product doesn’t live up to it’s promises.  I would have had better luck drying my nails with my old trusty- Seche Vite. However, I did like how my cuticles were moisturized by the drops.  This product wasn’t a total wash.  I think I will still use it from time to time while doing nail art.  I hate waiting for my nails to dry before I apply nail guide stickers, or striping tape- so I bet this stuff might come in handy to cut down drying time a little bit.  It also works better with less layers of polish.  I know this because my sheet marks were really bad on my left hand with three coats, but my right hand only had two coats of my Color Club polish and they didn’t smoosh nearly as much.  So, I guess Dry & Go Drops could come in handy if your mani only has one or two coats of color.  Would I recommend this product?  Probably not.  But I think I can still get some use out of it!

Side note:  I love this Lava Lamp nail polish.  The formula is a little goopy- but the color is to die for!  It’s this crazy combo of red and orange and it’s as bright as the sun in real life.  My boyfriend says I can land planes with these nails!  Yeah, my nails sorta do share a likeness to air traffic control wands.  And I like it.   😀
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