Sizes of nail polish bottles?

One night I started thinking about sizing of nail polish bottles and how some are so dang small.  I think those companies are pretty slick how they make their bottles small, but their prices don’t reflect the fact that they are giving you less product.  I haven’t found that small bottles of nail polish are any cheaper, have you?  I hafta admit though, I normally I don’t pay much attention to size.  If I see a polish I like, then I buy it.  So I guess their evil plan is working!  But maybe I’ll start paying attention more?  What do you think of that, Hard Candy?

I started sifting through my polish, making different collections of polishes based on like-sizes. I kinda got lost in the process and was constantly moving bottles from pile to pile until I found their rightful spots.  I must’ve looked like a crazed polish packrat!  This goes here, no this goes here, buahahahahaaaaaa!!  (I’m only talking about full-size bottles here and I’m excluding minis from the conversation)  It seemed that one pile quickly became the biggest.  The 15ml bottles.  I believe that this is the most common size for nail polish and lacquers.  Shown below are some of my 15mls (from R to L)— OPI, Sephora, Nicole by OPI, Sinful Colors, Zoya, Fresh Paint, Color Club, Pure Ice and KleanColor.  I’m sure I had more 15ml brands in my stash, but I didn’t actually dig everything out that night.

15 ml bottles

If 15 ml is the average size, then what’s the biggest?  That was a landslide.  Orly is the biggest at 18ml.  Go Orly!  Yet another reason for me to love you!

So what’s the smallest?  In my stash Hard Candy was the smallest at 7.8 ml.  7.8 ???  That’s almost half the size of an average-sized bottle!  The runner-up for smallest was Essence Colour & Go at 8ml.  Essence is very inexpensive in the USA so I’ll excuse them, but I feel like Hard Candy really needs to step up their game.  It’s not like they are marketed as mini bottles, so why so skimpy with your polish?  I am not posting pics because I will not reward them for their stingy practices.  LOL

orly big bottles

We’ve talked about the bigs and littles, but one company just can’t decide on their size.  Sally Hansen!  They’re sizing is all over the map.  Ok, it’s not really a big deal, but it is kind of interesting.  Take a look at this pic- these SH  bottles run the gamut from a tiny 8.8 ml all the way up to 14.7 ml.  But in fact, a lot the bottles appear to be similar in size.  Especially the 8.8 on the end-  I would never guess that it contains so much less polish than the others.  Sneaky, sneaky Sally!

sally hansen bottle size

So now that I’ve got you thinking about sizing- what do you think?  Does the size of the bottle influence your purchase at all?  I just saw some drama over on the Llarowe fb page about her new bottle sizes, so I guess some people are rather passionate about the topic!