my tips on how to win giveaways!

Do you know someone who happens to win EVERYTHING? ALL THE TIME?  What is up with that?

Well, that person was never me.  I’ve never considered myself to be one of the lucky ones.  I honestly have tried so hard to win things before, with no luck.  I’d enter contests or 50/50 raffles and go as far as putting the ticket stub on my vision board so I could wish upon it everyday to harness the power of the universe.  Bring it to meeee!  I soooo wanted to win that $10,000 shopping spree to Sam’s Club!  Well, I never won that one.  Or anything else in my life until…….. nail giveaways!

giveaway tips

See this pic?  This is the awesome stash of polishes that I just got in the mail today from my friend over at Nailmattic!  I was so excited to win this one- just look at this smorgasborg of glittery goodness including a newly released Magical Pixie Dust, a couple Roughles and my very first Finger Paints!  Woot!  I’m sorry, do you feel like smacking me right now?  Well I’m not here to rub my good fortune in your face.  I wanna share some tips with you so you can win too! I have been on a real roll lately so there must be something that I’m doing right!  So here’s how I approach giveaways and I hope you find my tips helpful!

TAKE THE TIME.  If you see there’s a giveaway and you have to click a lot of things to follow the person in all their different accounts, and then you have to copy/paste links to verify that you tweeted or whatever…. it may seem like a lot of work, but you should take the time to follow through and do all the stuff!  I know in this day and age people are in a hurry and want to finish things as quick as possible, especially with the busy lives that we lead… but honestly, if you really want the prize then go ahead and sacrifice a minute or two of your day.  When you get the email that you won the giveaway it will be so worth it!!! Besides, you love that blog, so don’t they deserve a moment of your time?

BE HONEST.  If the giveaway says ‘FOLLOW ME ON PINTEREST’, then make sure to follow the blogger on pinterest if you entered their raffle!  I always verify my entries when I hold a giveaway, and I always remove cheater entries.  Cheating won’t do you any good since there’s a good chance you’ll get deleted anyway! Karma has it’s way of making things right.  If you have good honest intentions then you will be rewarded.  Or so we hope.  That’s the plan anyway!

RE-POST.  A lot of times bloggers will give you bonus raffle entries if you publish the giveaway on your facebook page, or if you re-blog it on your blog.  Those RE-POST raffle entries are worth a lot!  For example, following the blogger on facebook may only get you one raffle entry, but re-posting on your fb page may give you a whopping 5 entries.  Those add up fast!  Not many people go the extra step to re-post.  So if you do, then you’ll get a leg up on the competition.  How do you think I won these beauties from Brijits Digits??

CHECK BACK.  Let’s say you enter a giveaway on monday and then you find yourself back on that same blog on wednesday.  Try to remember to click on their giveaway post again.  A lot of times they’ll have some options that can be done everyday, like tweet about their giveaway for example.  When I hold a giveaway I notice that most people will enter just that one time.  But the ladies who check back every few days and re-enter…. woohoo they really rack up the points!

GIANT GIVEAWAYS.  I don’t really waste my time on giveaways that are hosted by a zillion bloggers at once.  Your chances of winning are close to nil.  And do you even like all those blogs?  You may have never heard of most of them so why go through all the motions when it’s likely you won’t win and you don’t care about them.  I really prefer winning giveaways from blogs I read.  When they email you that you won, you are like- heyyyyy friend, let’s be pen pals and you can mail me pressies, thanksss!!! It’s so much more fun.  And you’ll make great friends in the process.

JOIN BLOGLOVIN.  If you’re on Blogger you may follow blogs only via google, meanwhile a lot of wordpressers only login to their wordpress dashboard.  But it really is worthwhile to join Bloglovin as another platform.  It’s a great way to follow the blogs you love so you don’t miss any of their giveaway posts, and you’ll probably find some great new blogs to follow in the process.  Bloglovin is free and the site works great for me, even on my crappy old Nook tablet (which fails to work on most other social media sites most of the time).  Besides, most giveaways have an extra raffle entry if you follow them on bloglovin so you should def go for it!  Also, bloglovin has a search bar so you can always search for the term ‘giveaways’ to see whatsa happenin!!

I hope these little tips help you.  If you haven’t won any giveaways yet then keep trying!!!!! Your time will come, I swear!

May the odds be ever in your favor.

Oh Mon Dieu! It’s the Rather Awesome 31 day Challenge Giveaway !

Oh Mon Dieu! it's the Rather Awesome 31 day Challenge Giveaway !

Welcome to our July 2013 nail art challenge! If you love doing nail art and/or participating in challenges then you won’t want to miss this!

This is no ordinary nail art challenge! This one is world-wide and complete with prizes! No matter which part of the globe you live in… we’ve got you covered! We are giving away four distinct prizes based on where you live so everyone who participates has a chance to win. Don’t worry- there’s no judging. All winners are chosen at random. But the more nail art designs you create in the challenge, then the better your chance of winning! Keep reading to find out more! Here’s our themes for each day in July…


WHO’S HOSTING THE OMD CHALLENGE? Eeeek! Nail Polish!, Craftynail, and Brijit’s Digits. The three of us are from different countries and the title of our challenge reflects our diversity: Oh Mon Dieu! It’s the Rather Awesome 31 Day Challenge Giveaway! See what we did there? We incorporated well known phrases from each of our home countries. Aren’t we clever? Come get to know us:

Eeeek! Nail Polish! from the UK

Craftynail from the US

Brijit’s Digits in France

WHEN IS THE OMD CHALLENGE? July 2013. Submit your nail designs for the 31 days of July any time between July 1st and August 5th. We are allowing submissions until August 5th in case you need time to catch up.


Do your nail art. Each of the 31 days of July has a different theme for your suggested nail art. So paint your nails all pretty and take some pics!

Post your pics online. Post pics of your daily nail art online. This can be on your blog, instagram, etc. You don’t have to participate for every day in July- but the more you do, the better your chance of winning the giveaway for your area!

Enter your nail art via Inlinkz. Click our provided inlinkz link to submit the URL of your nail art. This will allow you to share pics of your nails with everyone! If you’ve never used inlinkz before- don’t fret! It’s really easy to use and self-explanatory once you click on it in July.

Submit your rafflecopter entry. Each daily post that you complete earns you a free rafflecopter entry for a chance to win one of four great prizes! If you do all 31 days of the challenge- that means you can earn a whopping 31 entries in our giveaway! Here are the rafflecopter links starting July 1st. Keeping in mind that many countries have strict postal restrictions in regards to mailing nail polish, we want to make sure that everyone across the globe has a chance to win! So when the time comes for you to submit your rafflecopter entry just make sure to click the correct area that you live in:

Prize A -US

Prize B – UK & Ireland

Prize C – Canada & Europe (not UK or Ireland)

Prize D – the rest of the world (every other country not aforementioned)


There will be no judging or voting to select the winners- all 4 raffle winners will be selected at random.

Prize Collage 1000

Prize A: One winner from the US will get this prize pack from Craftynail

Orly Plum Pixel – Spring 2013 MegaPixel FX Collection

Orly Silver Pixel – Spring 2013 MegaPixel FX Collection

Orly Pretty-Ugly – Summer 2013 Mash Up Collection

Orly Beautiful Disaster – Summer 2013 Mash Up Collection

Brijit’s Digits Fuchsia Frost – hand blended Indie by Brijit

Orly Argan Oil Cuticle Drops

Swissco Emery Glass Nail File

3 Tubes of Glitter – blue, purple, silver

Ikonna Select-a-Style Fimo Clay Slices

Cina Midsummer Dream Nail Art Kit- with glequins and real pressed flowers

Prize B: One winner from the UK or Ireland will get this prize pack from Eeeek! Nail Polish!

4 BarryM Texture polishes in :

Blue – Atlantic Road
Green – Ridley Road
Pink – Kingsland Road
Yellow – Station Road

3 pots of glitter

3 pots of flocking power

2 pots of caviar

2 sets of nail art stickers

Soften cuticle oil- hand blended by Brijit’s Digits

4 rolls of striping tape

Nail wheel with coloured rhinestones, fimo slices and little bows

Revlon glass nail file

Prize C: One winner from Europe or Canada will get this prize pack from Brijit’s Digits

Nails Inc “Brooke Street” – bright neon pink creme polish

Nails Inc “Stonehenge” – blue Concrete textured nail polish

Nails Inc “Electric Lane” – Holographic Top Coat

Mont Blanc Glass Nail File – made from tempered Czech glass, with Swarovski Elements inlay in blue, pink, grey and silver

Small glass vial of nail caviar beads and heart-shaped glitter in purple and fuchsia

Water Decals, flower stickers, pink metallic striping tape, ‘butterfly wing’ fimo cane for nail art

Prize D: One winner from ‘the rest of the world’ will get this prize pack from Brijit’s Digits

Sephora Nail Patch in “Copper”

Sephora Nail Patch in “Perfect Pearl”

Sephora Nail Patch Art in “My Pied de Poule” – black and white houndstooth pattern

Medium nail file with cupcake print by Naughty but Nice

‘Butterfly Wing’ fimo cane for nail art

Water Decals, holographic nail sticker, pink metallic striping tape, purple holographic nail art tape

Unbranded makeup bag with a gold, silver and cream snakeskin pattern, in a synthetic, very soft fabric

So do your fingernails have any plans this July?? WordPressers, Bloggers, interweb divas from every corner of the world- please join in on our July Nail Challenge! Just check back to this post starting July 1st and we’ll have the Inlinkz all setup so you can share your nail art. Don’t forget- enter as many days as you can in July to increase your chances of winning a prize!

Here’s a graphic/ widget for you in case you’d like to share the Oh Mon Dieu! It’s the Rather Awesome 31 Day Challenge Giveaway! (also fondly known as The OMD Challenge 😉 ). And if you have any questions at all, please feel free to drop us a line. You’ll find we’re a nice bunch of girls. 🙂 Can’t wait to see you in July!


Jemma from Eeek! Nail Polish!

Jacqui from Craftynail

Brijit from Brijit’s Digits

Oh Mon Dieu! it's the Rather Awesome 31 day Challenge Giveaway !

Oh mon dieu! Here’s some rather awesome terms and conditions! This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with WordPress, or any of the manufacturers of goods offered in the giveaway. We hereby release these companies of any liability. Winner(s) will be contacted by email 48 hours after the giveaway ends on the 5th August. If you have any additional questions – feel free to send us an email!

This giveaway is being run in good faith, and , and reserve the right to retract or modify the terms with no prior notice.

By entering this Giveaway, you are agreeing to the following conditions – You are 18 years of age or older, or have the permission of your parents/guardians – OPEN INTERNATIONALLY but : You will, if you win, provide a postal address in a country to which it is legal to ship the contents of the prize – This prize is offered as a gift, and will be labelled as such, but should you win, you, the participant are liable for any import taxes or duties – The prize is as described depending on your region, no cash alternative is offered – Once dispatched for shipping, Brijits Digits/Craftynail/Eeeeknailpolish is not liable should the prize be lost, stolen or damaged, no alternative or replacement can be sent – Entries will be verified !

Any questions, please leave a comment or contact