Who was voted NAIL GENIUS of the week?

September’s Nail Art Ideas Linkup (NAIL) is full-swing and the third theme of the month opens up tomorrow- GAMES & APPS!  Brijit Digit’s, Eeeek! Nail Polish! and Craftynail would love for you to join in !
After each week’s theme closes up you can click the inlinkz to cast your three votes for your favorite nail design.  The nail art diva with the most votes gets anointed NAIL GENIUS OF THE WEEK!   Let’s take a moment and review our recent geniuses!!


The genius award goes to Victoria from Vic & Her Nails for her lovely Sherlock Holmes nail art!  Congrats to Vic!  Victoria was voted GENIUS three weeks in a row- so she’s really on a roll!  She’s also simultaneously doing the Chalkboard Nails 31 Day Challenge.  Kudos to Vic for her hard work and dedication to her blog!  Here’s a NAIL GENIUS badge just for you!



And the NAIL GENIUS BADGE goes to….  Rajani from Perfecting the Imperfections!  This was Rajani’s first NAIL entry and her school-themed nail design racked up a whopping 63 votes!  Great job Rajani!  Here’s your NAIL GENIUS badge- you can post it on your blog if you’d like!


Voting opens up very soon for the SPORTS theme!  Here’s the link so you can pick your fave NAIL Genius:


Nail Genius- Sea Theme of Nail Art Ideas Linkup (NAIL)

Hey ladies! Sorry this is late – 24 hours after votes closed ! It’s a bit tricky to get these posts on time (as, obviously, they can’t be scheduled!) – so we’ll mix the time scales up a bit for the September themes 🙂

Big congratulations to Vic and Her Nails, who was voted “NAIL Genius of the Week” for the second theme of our linkup – sea (that was a hard theme, huh!)

Voting for the third theme is open, so you can vote here 🙂

Vic; if you would like, you can use this badge for your blog (but you don’t have to!)

August NAIL Sea Genius