MoYou Nail Art Stamps- brand new collection!

Have you heard of MoYou?  MoYou London sells nail stamping plates- but they’re like none you’ve ever seen before.  Unless you’ve seen MoYou plates, then you know exactly what I’m talking about!  😉  I’ll be reviewing some of their plates soon on my blog… but for today I’d like to share the news that MoYou London shared with me:  they’ve got a new Mother Nature collection that comes out on their website on October 4, 2013!  Lucky us gets to see them one day early!

UPDATE ON NOV 3, 2013- You should know that these are on their site listed as PRE-SALE which means that if you buy them now they won’t ship until later.  I ordered 3 plates a week ago (2 pre-sales and one older plate).  My payment went through, but I have not received any correspondence that stated when my order may ship.  I heard that they were anticipating the first week in Nov, so we shall see.

I’m dying to get my hands on this new collection… I love all the fun images hidden in there, especially the cute little mushrooms.  I tried free-hand painting some mushroom nail art once.  Once, and it was an EPIC FAIL.  So someday I dream of doing a WIN mushroom mani.   Plate #03 could be my answer.  I also like the proposal scene on plate #01.  Hopefully I can use that one someday!!  In case he’s reading this..ummmm…no rush…just sayin!  😛

In my opinion, MoYou has some of the best themed collections!  Other brands come out with new individual plates here and there, but MoYou comes out with entire sets of plates! Their collections include Rockstar, Kitty, Rebel, Princess, Time Traveller, and a bunch of other crazysexycool themes.  I heard that the Mother Nature collection was actually suggested by a customer and MoYou really liked the idea.  From the sounds of it, they encourage fans to share their ideas!

If you’re thinking of getting some new plates I’m happy to share a discount code with you today.  Use code SHINY20 to save 20% off your cart at MoYou London 20% off is pretty darn good, I think!  They ship internationally- you just add the items to your cart and then click the option to get a shipping estimate.  I added two plates to my cart and the estimate displayed as 3.02 British Pounds.  I converted it on google and it came out to be a little under $5 USD to ship to New York which isn’t too bad.  AND, if you use the discount code it kinda makes up for the shipping charge.  See what I did there?  I just rationalized spending more money on nail stuffs!

So tell me, have you ever tried MoYou stamps ??