my long-lasting frenchie

So my last post was my festive french mani that I wore on Christmas day.  But I snapped a few shots of that mani before I applied my DIY holly decals (just to see what a plain ol’ frenchie looks like on me)…

french manicure

It’s been so long since I wore a frenchie, it was a nice break.  I did this french manicure on monday and today is saturday.  That’s 6 days with no chips!  Like, seriously?? How does that even happen?  I give credit to my basecoat- I used Orly Bonder.  But also…. to my nail shape.  My nail polish just does not seem to chip on my pointy nails!  It’s great.  I hope to write up a pointy nail post soon.  Kinda like an A-Z/everything you want to know about pointy nails sorta post! 🙂

Even though today is the 6th day and I’m curious how much longer this one will last, I will be removing this frenchie later today.  I am itching to try out my new christmas gift nail polishes!!  See you soon!