nail dotting using bobby pins!

green dots

I have seen some great nail designs that were created using dotting tools…. but waaah I don’t own dotting tools.  (If you scroll down on this website you’ll find an awesome gallery of dotted designs: Chalkboard Nail Contest) I was inspired to try out some designs on my own…but had to figure out what items I had around the house that would make perfect little dots.  It turns out that BOBBY PINS do the trick!

To create my design I started with a few basecoats of OPI Nein! Nein! Nein! OK Fine! Which is a dark olive gray color from the new opi germany fall collection 2012.  I had this color on for almost a week when I decided to spice it up with some dots.  To create the design I unbent some bobby pins so they were straight.  I placed a few dots of nail polish on a piece of cardstock… and then dipped the very end of the bobby pin into the color.  Then you simply dot the polish onto your nail. I used a few different green shades, so I used a different bobby pin for each color.  I like the final result!  Don’t forget a topcoat to smooth it all out…