Day 21 of OMD Challenge- Green Ombre Leaves

Day 21 of the nail art challenge is STAMPING!  I love stamping- I first started stamping a little over two years ago when I bought a Konad Starter Kit a the Excalibur Hotel in Las Vegas.  There was a vendor there selling all kinds of konad stuff and she would demo it for anyone who walked by with fingernails.  I was already thinking of buying some konad online (even before my Vegas trip)  so when I saw her booth I was like, ‘OK, lady- show me what you got!’  The starter kit had some really puny small designs like tiny flowers and stuff and I really wanted some full-nail designs- so the lady kept trying to get me to combine my order with some stranger standing next to me so I’d get free items or something.  Uh, no thank you.  Just gimme my starter kit and I’m outta here!  I think the kit was about $40 and when I got home I realized I could’ve bought the individual items way cheaper online- but oh well!  After that I kept buying individual Konad plates on amazon for $7 a pop… which got kinda pricey!  Plus, as my nails got longer I needed plates with larger designs.  I did some research and found out about Cheeky Plates.  Cheeky is said to have some of the biggest designs on the market.  So I purchased this awesome Summer Collection Bundle with 20 plates in it!  It was $20 on amazon which basically means each plate is one US dollar- so I was sold!  Plus, the designs come in this cool storage box which is very handy!  Check it out:


Enough yammering about my stamping history- let’s see my design for day 21!


I started by painting my nails in OMBRE using mostly green Orlys.  I used these 5 colors:

Alpine Snow by OPI (thumb)

Jealous Much? by Orly (pointer)

Gumdrop by Orly (middle)

Green with Envy by Orly (ring)

Lucky Duck by Orly (pinkie)

Then I stamped on top with Konad special polish and Cheeky plate 33 (CH33).  Then I topped it off with some MASH Matte Top Coat.


21. Stamping :

What brand stamping plates do you use? 

My Green Mystery

Orly Green With Envy

This is one of my absolute favorite polishes of all time!  I’ve had this Orly bottle for a while and the sticker on the bottom is ripped off.  That means I don’t know what the shade is called!  After much web research I found that it could be Green with Envy.  A lot of other swatches of this color look teal, so I wasn’t quite sure.  Mine is a beautiful green shade with a touch of aqua.  I would describe it as a deep dark sea foam green.  And it’s the perfect shade for St. Patrick’s Day.

The craftynail in me originally planned to do some purple nail art on top of this.  But after applying 4 coats of this green Orly (it’s a jelly so it needed several coats) I realized that it’s just perfect as is!  I’ve got no craftiness for you today, but maybe you can revel in this jelly beauty with me.  Orly has Green with Envy listed online as part of their ‘permanent collection’ so it shouldn’t be hard to find if you are interested.

Green With Envy by Orly