February N.A.I.L. Challenge Announcement #NAILLINKUP

Hey N.A.I.L. Challengers!! It’s officially February so Brijits DigitsCraftynail, and Eeeek! Nail Polish! have some new themes for you as part of the Nail Art Ideas Linkup.  You guessed it- there’s a Valentine’s theme thrown in there.  But we promise we won’t get all ‘saccharine sweet’ on you!  More on that after the jump!  Let’s see the February prompts, shall we?

RED (week 1)- Let’s get back to basics.  Red nails!  They’re classy and sexy.  Show us some nail art using the color red or maybe share your favorite red nail polish with us.  This theme is also inspired by Wear Red Day (February 7th) to help raise awareness for heart disease in women.

VALENTINES DAY (week 2)- A Valentines Day theme is basically ‘a given’ for February, but you can get as romantic or as dark as you want!  If you love flowers or hearts it’s your time to shine.  But if the sight of Cupid makes you want to choke someone… well, then let’s see those gloom and doom designs too!

GRADIENT (week 3)- Gradients are a nice basic nail art technique with so much room for interpretation.  You can use different tools, different colors, the possibilities are endless.  Show us what you’ve got!

GLITTER (week 4)-  The life of a nail polish addict would not be the same without it, yet our glitter polishes sit there unused far too often.  Pick through your stash and find your most gorgeous bottle.  Flip it upside down now so the glitter mixes up and settles on top.  Then you’ll be all prepped for glitter week!

Here are the rules for Nail Art Ideas Linkup (N.A.I.L.)……

  • Do one of the weekly themes, or do them all.  It’s flexible!
  • The dates for each week are only suggestions- you can post your nails whenever you want in February.
  • The nail art ideas/themes are open to interpretation so you can create whatever kind of design you want! Stamps, stickers, acrylics- anything goes!
  • We encourage all nail enthusiasts to join in no matter what platform you use; blog, FB, IG, Tumblr, etc…
  • Feel free to post our widget on your site and you can use hashtag #NAILLINKUP on your social media.
  • Lastly but most importantly, don’t forget to share your nail pics via the inlinkz below.

Red :

Valentines Day :

Gradient :

Glitter :

February NAILLINKUPAny questions about NAIL ART IDEAS LINKUP?  Contact us or read more about N.A.I.L. on our blog links below.  We look forward to seeing your nails this February!


Brijit from Brijits Digits

Jacqui from Craftynail

Jemma from Eeeek! Nail Polish! 

Cool AVON products and Ruby Slipper polish

Let’s talk about AVON.  I have been using AVON products since I was a wee lass!  The catalogs are jam-packed with cool new products and they’re cheap!  Recently I have noticed that AVON has jumped on the nail art bandwagon and I couldn’t be happier.  I’m not sure why we don’t see more blog posts about avon products!?! Especially since they have a lot of cool new stuff like…

Nail Glitter in Iridescent or Brilliant Chrome-

Avon Nail Glitter

Avon Nail Glitter

Crackle polish called Mosaic Effects Top Coat in 9 different colors-

Mosaic Effects Top Coat

Mosaic Effects Top Coat

6 different Matte polishes called Suede Nail Enamel


Suede Nail Enamel

NAILWEAR PRO+ Nail Enamel in a ton of great colors and a new special collection called Femme Fatale-

Avon NAILWEAR PRO+ Nail Enamel

Avon NAILWEAR PRO+ Nail Enamel

They also have a polish on their website called Change Artist Transforming Nail Color.  WOW what’s that all about??   The description says ‘Dual-ended package includes base color on one side and clear transforming top coat on the other’.  Man, I really hope my mom got me some AVON for Christmas!!

One last pic to share- here’s a pic of a holiday mani I did using Avon NAILWEAR PRO+ in Ruby Slipper.  I’m not usually a big fan of red polish… but Ruby Slipper is my cup of tea… it’s so pretty and shimmery!  I wore it by itself for a few days before I decided to jazz it up with some festive green n white.

Avon Ruby Slipper

Avon Ruby Slipper

Happy Holidays all… and let’s hope that the end of the Mayan Calendar doesnt put the kibosh on all our nail polishing and blogging.  See you again soon, I hope !

fergie glitter gradient … and a cat pic!

Julie G My Private Palace

Tonite I tried out a new polish of mine by Julie G called My Private Palace.  It has tons of gold and chartreuse iridescence!  Then with a blink of the eye… she’ll turn sheer on you!  Have you ever had a polish like that?  One second you are gawking at it’s brilliance…. you move an inch… and then it looks totally different!  I have mixed feelings about polishes like this.  But regardless of the chameleon effect, My Private Palace is still very pretty and looks very ‘holiday’ to me.  To make it even more festive I did a red glitter gradient with Fergie wet n wild -No Place Like Home.  The end result really surprised me…

close-up of the sparkles in No Place Like Home

This mani is glowing!  It’s so intense and fiery – I feel like freakin Katniss over here!  I swear, it’s like my nails are on fire!  I wasn’t able to fully capture it on camera…  But then again, my Julie G base color shifts alot so I’m sure that had a lot to do with it. Check out this next pic in indirect light- you can really see how the shimmer winds down and more of the glitter particles begin to show.  And look at that Fergie polish…it’s packed with some of teeniest glitter that I’ve ever seen!

wet n wild fergie no place like home

Speaking of Fergie- I’m a huge fan of hers!  Guess what my cat’s name is?

That's my Fergie!

You guessed it! Meet my girl Fergie 🙂