The real cost of nail addiction?

Do we really save money by doing our nails at home? That’s the question of the day!

My initial argument is YES, of course we save money!  Why pay a salon when I can do the same thing at home!?

But… (there’s always a big but) now that my DIY nail art addiction has spiraled a teensy bit out of control… I’m really wondering if I spend more dough than someone who goes to a salon a few times per month?!

I have a growing stash of polish, an array of stamping plates, topcoats, treatments, glitters, stickers, and the list goes on.  As I’m sure most of you bloggers do too!  So what do you think?  Are we saving money by applying all these nail products ourselves, or are we spending way more than the average salon patron?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!  And since we all like to looks at pictures… here’s a quick mani I whipped up yesterday morning before I attended a family function- I stamped konad M35 on my tips and topped it off with a glittery topcoat.  Quick and easy- only ten minutes from start to finish.  Hmmm…. so if TIME IS MONEY… maybe we are saving cash then??  What do you think?

10 minute mani - white konad m35 on tips and sparkle topcoat

10 minute mani – white konad m35 on tips and sparkle topcoat