Giant sized seche vite!!!!!!

I have this inherent need to hoard things that I use regularly.  Like shampoo, qtips, sandwich baggies for my lunch…..  these are all things that I use everyday.  I like to have good inventory on hand because whenever I get low on one of them it seriously stresses me out!  Seche vite topcoat falls into that category too.  So I recently made a smart purchase that will ensure me a steady supply of my holy grail topcoat.  Check out my gigantic salon-sized bottle of seche vite!!

seche box

I found this item on amazon and it was around $15 with shipping included.  It comes with a standard-size bottle of seche that contains the normal 1/2 ounce.  It also comes with a ginormous 4 ounce re-fill bottle and a funnel.   Because it has 4 and 1/2 oz it’s basically like buying 9 bottles of seche at once.  And for $15USD…. not bad at all!!!!!!!!  Here’s the contents of the box…

seche vite

Instead of using the new little bottle of seche that came in the set, I decided to fill my old empty bottle.  Hoarding tendencies forced me to keep the new bottle for later.  🙂  When re-filling your seche you’re supposed to use the funnel that came with the set.  There were no instructions to indicate this, but it was a good assumption I think.    The funnel has a little line etched in it, so I figured that’s where I’m supposed to snip off the tip with scissors.  Well, that didn’t work, as you can see below.  The seche would not flow through!  I guess the formula is thick, so you’d need a bigger hole.  So I snipped it a little lower- still no luck.  I did this 3 or 4 times til the funnel was a blunt nub.  It was pointless!  The most that I got out of it was the one drip as seen in my pic.  LOL!  I ended up throwing away my funnel thing, and just poured the seche directly into the smaller bottle, which worked fine.  salon sized seche

Here’s the amazon listing if you are interested in buying a mammoth sized bottle of your own.   When I bought it a few weeks ago it was  $14.95 and free shipping, but now it looks like it’s $13.95 plus $5 shipping… but if you poke around maybe you can find a better deal online?  If you happen to invest in a salon-sized kit like this I’d also recommend some Seche Restore thinner too, as seche tends to thicken up over time.  I hated spending money on my Restore when I initially bought it…. it was the principle of it.  Like why should I have to buy a topcoat AND a thinner to go along with it??  But I’ve had the bottle for about a year now and it proved to be a good investment.  I have freshened up me and my mom’s seche bottles, as well as used it as a thinner for our goopy old bottles of lacquer.  I still have about a third of the bottle left which isn’t bad considering it serves two of us.

 So are you jealous of me and my ginormous seche?  Or do you have another fave topcoat that you use?