Brijits Digits- Rasbie Cosmo Indie Polish

Today I’m sharing a gorgeous hand made nail polish that was gifted to me by Brijit.  One of the cool things about being friends with the owner of Brijits Digits Boutique?  Sometimes I get to try out the goods!  Thanks girl!  I love this nail polish.  Check it out….

rasbie cosmo

This is a gorgeous raspberry color called Rasbie Cosmo.  It has a deep sangria tint to it, but when the light hits it you see flashes of blue shimmer. Shown in these pics is one base coat, three coats of Rasbie Cosmo and one coat of seche vite.  It looks very luxurious and shiny to me.  I have received many compliments on it so far at the office.

brijits digits rasbie cosmo

As you know, I love wearing nail art.  But what you may not know, is that I oftentimes forgo the crazy designs and pick one beautiful polish to wear on its own for a good chunk of my work week.  Rasbie Cosmo fits the bill perfectly for that.  Raspberry is a nice traditional color for nails, so I won’t get sideways glances in the elevator at work (like if I wore green or blue nails).  But the shiny glassy finish and blue shimmer make this shade seem special somehow.  It’s office-appropriate,  but it’s anything but boring!  Here’s her Etsy listing for Rasbie Cosmo if you are interested.

Brijit really has a knack for making classy and sophisticated indies.  Oh and did you see her pointy fake nails with leopard print (listing is here)?  They look just like my nails!! I’d like to think I was the inspiration for these pointies. Hehe. Was I, Brij???



My Mid-Week Work Mani

Zoya Touch Collection

Since I’ve seen the recent swatches of Zoya Pixie Dust floating around the blogosphere,  I have been determined to get myself a bottle of the sandy colored one called Godiva (swatches coming soon!).  I hit up the Zoya website and discovered just how many other pretty neutral shades they carry!   Normally I’m a fan of bold polishes like purple, green and blue.  But there’s something special about glancing down at a beautiful nude manicure and thinking, “mmm hmmm… I look good and I’m not even trying!” LOL

Zoya has a past collection called Touch which I never heard of til now.  It’s made up of 3 nude polishes that are full-coverage, creamy, and have a hint of sexy shimmer.  Check out the Zoya site which has a cool YouTube video about the collection.  Of the three polishes I chose Pandora which is described as a “medium pink-beige nude with blue and mauve undertones and a hint of pearly silver shimmer. An opaque, full-coverage nude that works beautifully on skin with cool tones.”   The shimmer in this polish is so subtle and gives it a sense of depth that a straight-up cream finish just wouldn’t have.  The formula was on the thick side, but very smooth and only required two coats.  I think I really like Pandora!  It was just perfect for the work-related event that I attended tonight.

What’s your favorite work polish?