Sugar Spun Nail Art

Day 18 of Short and Sweet in Texas’ Nail Art Challenge is dedicated to Sugar Spun Nails!  I have never tried this technique before so I’m glad I got the opportunity to try it out.  I didn’t know the first thing about sugar spun so thankfully KatStaysPolished ‘s Youtube tutorial was there to help.


I went all out with this technique and pretty much covered my nails with the strands of polish.  I figured, go big or go home!  I used NYC Nail Enamel in Tudor City Teal as my base color.  What a pretty teal!  It seemed thin and to avoid having to use several coats I opted to use my Orly Ridge Filler as a basecoat.  That way I only needed two coats of Tudor City Teal to be opaque.  I used a dotting tool and the following coordinating colors to create my spun sugar strands:

Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow

Sally Hansen Lime Lights

Sally Hansen Marine Scene

The funny thing is, I have two bottles of Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow and one is a basic yellow cream, and the other is a sheer yellowish green shimmer.  How did I end up with two bottles of them, and why do they look so different?  I used the greenish one for this design since it coordinated best with my other 2 shimmers.  I took photos without a topcoat… then applied a topcoat on a few nails which morphed the design and made it look all squished.  So for me, this nail art worked best without a topcoat.  I also applied elmer’s (white glue) around my nails before I started- so cleanup was a breeze.  I peeled the white glue off and there wasn’t much mess to clean.  I’m really happy with that glue idea, since I always try to avoid messy nail art or cuticles.


Sugar spun is a fun and interesting look, but it’s probably not my fave.  I do want to try it again around Halloween though.  This technique would probably work well for mummy nail art!  If I paint a few eyeballs and use white polish for my strands I bet I could make my nails look like cute lil mummy faces!

I asked my boyfriend what he thought and he said ‘whoa, they look like balls of yarn’.  LOL.  What do you think of sugar spun nails?  You can view the other girls’ nails by clicking this inlinkz.