Blue rain waterfall mani for #NAILLINKUP

This week’s prompt for Nail Art Ideas Linkup is RAIN.  I was racking my brain on this theme.  I could not figure out what to do- massive creativity block!  Luckily Kairi gave me the idea to do a waterfall mani.  That’s perfect since I’ve never tried this technique before.

rain_waterfall_nails I used The Nailasaurus’ tutorial right here.  I also added some raindrop shaped rhinestones that I got at a Harmon store.  I like the added touch of the drops.

blue waterfall nail art

I don’t feel like typing out all the blue polishes I used.  But I’ll tell ya that my white base is Zoya Purity.  With one coat I got awesome coverage!  That’s shocking for a white.  The formula is a little weird- I think it will probably get really nice and stringy if you ever wanna do a sugar spun mani though.  But even still, it’s nice and opaque.  I just decided that I might use Purity all the time for nail art now when I want a white base color.  I used to use OPI’s Alpine Snow all the time.  But sometimes I had to use 3 coats and I don’t have the patience for that!  3 coats is normally fine for me… but not when it’s just my base color and I plan to do a bunch more nail art on top.  Time is of the essence ladies, so I’m gonna use my Purity for nail art from now on.  Then again, I go through phases, so next month I may have a new fave white!

Anywho, I hope you like my rainy waterfall nails.  Check out the other NAILLINKUP nails right here:

31st March – 6th April : Rain (April Showers)

Awesome guest post by Nail Polish Society

 I’m outta town right now!  Hello from Las Vegas!  Since I’m away from my computer I would like to present to you my very first guest post featured on my Craftynail blog!  Let me introduce you to a blog I LOOOOVE called NAIL POLISH SOCIETY!  Emiline, take it away…..
Greetings! I’m Emiline Harris from Nail Polish Society. This is my first guest post ever (how am I doing so far?), and I am soo excited to do it for Craftynail!! Jacqui is talented in so many ways, with her creativity, variety, and entertaining posts. As a new blog around town, I am honored by this opportunity!

A little about myself- A few months ago I was really drawn in by all the nail blogs I was discovering. Soon enough I had the itch to start my own blog. In a short time my collection has quintupled (at least)! So why Nail Polish Society? Well here’s a little insider information that I’ve never shared before! The inspiration for my blog name came from my love of organizational societies: National Geographic Society, Dead Poet Society, Relief Society, Jane Austen Letter Writing SocietySociety for Creative Anachronism (it’s a real thing, as I just discovered). “Society” sounds classy, and a place where you can feel included. That’s the environment I want to foster with my blog.

Now on to the important stuff.. the nails! As complex as it looks, this is honestly one of the fastest nail art manicures I’ve done! I’ll give you a little step-by-step, so all you crafty people can recreate it yourselves!

To begin my manicure I applied two coats of Zoya Seraphina on each nail.


How I did the water marbling for my index and middle fingers:

  1. First I used Scotch tape to mask off the skin around my nails, to make cleanup easier. 
  2. I filled up a plastic cup with luke warm water and alternated drops of Zoya Seraphina, OPI I Don’t Give a Rotterdam!, and OPI..Eurso Euro until I had multiple rings of each color.
  3. With a toothpick I made a design in the rings of color, and dipped my index finger into the water over the area where the design looked the best.
  4. With a toothpick I removed the rest of polish from the surface of the water before taking my finger out.
  5. I pulled off the tape and removed extra polish with my cleanup brush.
  6. I repeated the process, this time creating a different design, for my middle finger.
For my thumb and pinky I did another try of the water spotted technique (you can see my first attempt here.)
  1. First I used Scotch tape to mask off the skin around my nails, to make cleanup easier. 
  2. I filled up a plastic cup with luke warm water and added multiple drops of OPI..EursoEuro
  3. Aiming from a few inches away, I spritzed body spray onto the polish until enough holes appeared.
  4. I dipped my thumb and pinky into the water over the best parts of the design at the same time.
  5. With a toothpick I removed the rest of polish from the surface of the water before taking my fingers out.
  6. I pulled off the tape and removed extra polish with my cleanup brush.

For my ring finger I applied one coat of Sephora by OPI Flurry Up! over the two coats of Zoya Seraphina. It was SO sparkly, I loved it!

I finished off the mani with a coat of Seche Vite to seal everything in and speed up drying time.

What I used:

Zoya Seraphina- silver

OPI I Don’t Give a Rotterdam!- light silvery blue

OPI…Eurso Euro- bright navy blue

Sephora by OPI Flurry Up!- silver glitter

Seche Vite top coat

What do you think of the medley of designs? I hope you enjoyed it! I would love to see any recreations/interpretation of this, just leave a link on my facebook page, or twitter. Let me know if you have any questions!

Thanks for reading, and a BIG thank you again to Jacqui! 

OMG, don’t you love these nails and the fact that she made the speckles with scented body spray?!  So crafty!  And I hafta say, I love the name NAIL POLISH SOCIETY.  The appearance of Emiline’s blog is so cool and official-feeling too.  Because I follow her blog I feel like a full-fledged member of her ‘society’.  Ahhh, it feels so good to belong!  lol.  If you are curious to see more of Emiline’s nails, you should def check out this SKULL MANI she came up with.  She did the cutest fashion show with her nail art, inspired by America’s Next Top Model.  You hafta see it.  Thanks to Emiline for helping me out during my hiatus!    -Jacqui

Blue Tree Manicure

Today is friday and I don’t have to work <woohoo> so I wanted to play with my new MoYou stamping plate and have some fun !  Plus, I’m going to see the sexy Chris Hemsworth in the new Thor:The Dark World movie soon so I’m in a good mood.  I think a bright bold happy mani is in order!

blue tree mani

I’m wearing three coats of Phoebe which is a cool smooth ‘velvet matte’ polish by Zoya.  It has some shimmer in there, but when it’s matte you don’t notice.  I stamped a tree image over top in grey, Zoya Dove.  Then I stamped the tree on top again using a dark blue creme called Jive by Oh My Golly.  I like how the grey stamp underneath gives a neat shadow effect.

Lookit my new MoYou plate that I used for this manicure.  When I ordered it pre-sale (it took a week or two before it shipped) it was called MOTHER NATURE 03 Plate, and that’s how it’s listed online.  But take a look at my plate- it says LANDSCAPE 03 on it.  Hmmmmm….

mother nature landscape collection 03 by MoYou London

Weird mistake they made, but I am liking all the cute nature stuff in this plate !

After I stamped the grey and blue tree design then I topcoated it with seche vite.  See how you can see alot of shimmer in my blue base color?  The shimmer was not noticeable when Phoebe was matte, but once I topcoated you can really see tons of shimmer in there!  I can’t decide if I like Zoya Phoebe better matte or shiny….. I took some photos of it matte which I can post later if anyone’s interested.  My camera was like WHOA at how blue it was!

Zoya Phoebe with MoYou stamping

Well, I’m off to go see Thor.  Have a nice weekend everyone! Talk soon!

Double-stamped nails!

Hey ya’ll- I’m over here having fun with my new MoYou plates! I reviewed one of their plates and stampers in my last post, and I had to pull them out again for more stamping fun. This time, I had double fun! Have you ever tried stamping the same image onto your nails TWICE? Well, that’s what I did and the results look wicked! Check it out!
moyou plate mani

For this look I am wearing a basecoat, three coats of Blue Flame from Brijits Digits Boutique and seche vite topcoat.  I wore this beautiful blue polish for three days (no chips!) until I decided to spice it up with some double stamping effect!  On day number four I stamped a shimmery white polish called Ginessa by Zoya using my MoYou London Pro Plate 5 XL stamping plate.  Then I used that same plate but stamped China Glaze Liquid Leather (black) over top of that.  The designs didn’t match up, which makes it look cooler I think.  I like how they overlap!  It sorta looks like the bottom of a swimming pool. 🙂

double stamped blue nails

Wanna see what Brijit’s Blue Flame polish looks like before I stamped over it?  It has a lovely jelly quality to it and it’s bluer than blue.  I love how blue it is!  It took three coats to get to this opacity and so far I am very happy with it’s durability.  I’m on day four with no chips yet!  Look at what a live wire this polish is! Yowzer!!!!!!

brijits digits blue indie

Blue Flame is on clearance now at Brijit’s Etsy shop!

Have you ever tried double stamping?  If not, do it to it! 

Nail Art Ideas Linkup (NAIL)- Sea Theme

Today is my official last day at work before my vacation!  Yesss!!!  I need a holiday so bad after such a busy summer at work.  As far as my blog goes- I really should’ve planned this better…I could’ve maybe had some nice guest posts lined up while I’m away.  But I’m afraid I’ve been busy and didn’t get a chance to plan too far ahead.  I guess lately I’ve been a blog-as-ya-go kinda girl!  But I still plan to post while I’m away.   They have the internet in Oregon, right? 😀 I don’t think I’ll bring any nail polish with me for my trip … that way I can just buy more while I’m there, naturally.  I really want to hit up an Ulta Store since I don’t have one near my house!

Anyhooo…Let’s check out my manicure today!  Here’s my SEA-THEMED design for the Nail Art ideas Linkup (NAIL).


I made some cute blue waves over a white base coat.  I used a detail brush and 7 different blue polishes.  I planned to make every wave strip a different color- but I really love Orly Sweet Peacock so I used that one twice (that’s the color on my tips)!  The waves were super easy to paint because you don’t have to be perfect… but dang!!! This one took a long time.  I have no idea how long but I feel like I have eye strain and I need to lay down!  hahaha  There are 8 waves on each nail… times 10 nails… we’re talking 80 waves here!  Phew.


I hope to see more SEA designs coming up for August’s NAIL!  If you want to post a pic of your sea-inspired mani you have til August 18th!  Here’s the link:

N.A.I.L. Theme 2 – SEA :

August NAIL Themes SunSeaSandBook