Brijits Digits- Rasbie Cosmo Indie Polish

Today I’m sharing a gorgeous hand made nail polish that was gifted to me by Brijit.  One of the cool things about being friends with the owner of Brijits Digits Boutique?  Sometimes I get to try out the goods!  Thanks girl!  I love this nail polish.  Check it out….

rasbie cosmo

This is a gorgeous raspberry color called Rasbie Cosmo.  It has a deep sangria tint to it, but when the light hits it you see flashes of blue shimmer. Shown in these pics is one base coat, three coats of Rasbie Cosmo and one coat of seche vite.  It looks very luxurious and shiny to me.  I have received many compliments on it so far at the office.

brijits digits rasbie cosmo

As you know, I love wearing nail art.  But what you may not know, is that I oftentimes forgo the crazy designs and pick one beautiful polish to wear on its own for a good chunk of my work week.  Rasbie Cosmo fits the bill perfectly for that.  Raspberry is a nice traditional color for nails, so I won’t get sideways glances in the elevator at work (like if I wore green or blue nails).  But the shiny glassy finish and blue shimmer make this shade seem special somehow.  It’s office-appropriate,  but it’s anything but boring!  Here’s her Etsy listing for Rasbie Cosmo if you are interested.

Brijit really has a knack for making classy and sophisticated indies.  Oh and did you see her pointy fake nails with leopard print (listing is here)?  They look just like my nails!! I’d like to think I was the inspiration for these pointies. Hehe. Was I, Brij???



my financial aid fingernails!

Demure manis are not typically my style….but I need to look professional this week! I flew JetBlue to Orlando FL on monday for a work conference. I am a financial aid advisor and every year my university sends me to the big Federal Student Aid conference to hear all about the upcoming changes to aid programs. One new 2013 initiative for US financial aid is a streamline of their websites! They are retiring the many, many pages for finaid….and created a new one called  (they’re also on twitter, storify, and youtube). I am loving this! Apparently President Obama created an executive order for the US Dept of Ed to shape up their outreach and digital presence. The new site is a great solution…. students and parents should check it out!

Moving on to my mani… I decided that OPI’s Don’t Pretzel My Buttons would be nice n professional-looking. (However the girl sitting next to me right now has a rad black n gold crackle mani…and on the other side there’s a lady with a wicked glittery purple mani). Oh well….it’s good for me to go neutral sometimes! Lol. I am really growing to looove this polish too. It sorta looks like creamy putty melted onto my fingertips 🙂

OPI Don’t Pretzel My Buttons

I had to apply three coats of Don’t Pretzel my Buttons to get it completely opaque. I used Orly Bonder as a base coat and Seche as topcoat…so I figured this mani would last me for the whole conference. I hope so cuz I despise traveling with chips! Oh yeah- I also stamped some Konad M57 on my pinkies just for some extra flavor! Hope you like it!