Duri Rejuvacote Review (before and after)

Today I’d love to share the results of my 10 day trial of Duri Rejuvacote.  I’m always searching for my next holy grail nail treatment.   Is this the one?  I have before and after pics for you!

My pointy nails have been in pretty good shape lately, but every few weeks I’ll get a break (usually on my right-hand middle finger).  But since my nails are already healthy, I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to see much results from using Duri Rejuvacote.  But I sure did! Good? Bad? Ugly? Keep reading!

duri rejuvacote

What is Duri Rejuvacote?

From Duri’s website:

Rejuvacote “the nail doctor” will heal and cure your split, cracked and acrylic eaten nails. In a matter of weeks you will enjoy the look and feel of strong, vital, natural nails. It’s not a promise, it’s a guarantee.

It takes only 2-3 weeks to see dramatic improvement on your nails when you use Rejuvacote. It will force your nails to grow stronger, healthier and longer.


Apply Rejuvacote daily over bare natural nails or over nail polish. It is designed to be used as a base coat and a top coat.  The package instructions say the following:  Begin with clean dry nails.  Apply one coat of Rejuvacote as a base coat.  Apply nail color if desired.  Apply Rejuvacote as top coat, daily.  After 7 days, remove with polish remover.  As your nails improve, apply every other day or as needed.

I change my nail color often so this is what I did-  I applied one coat of duri as a base coat, then my nail color, and then some seche vite topcoat like normal.  The next day I would remove all polish and start over with a fresh base coat of Duri.  I repeated this process every day for ten days.   So basically, I applied a fresh base coat of Duri everyday for ten days straight.  I even continued to use the product for another five days after for a total of 16 days (to give it a fair chance).  But for the purposes of this review we will look at results after my ten day trial.  In my opinion, ten days time is realistic and feasible, yet long enough to see results.


I am not happy with the results for three reasons: 1- my nailbeds turned bright pink, 2- my nails started looking bumpy and ridgey, and 3- the tips of my nails starting peeling and breaking.

duri review by craftynail

PINK?  Yes, the skin under my nails looked like it was turning pink!  I did a french mani a few days after usage and my natural nails that poked through looked so funny and bright pink!  Especially my left-hand ring finger.  Look at the ‘AFTER LEFT’ pic in the above collage and you’ll see what I mean.   Thank goodness that my nails went back to normal a week later (after I stopped using duri).

BUMPY? After about 5 days or so I noticed that my nails looked like they had a lot of ridges on them.  Now I’m not sure if the surface of my nail actually got bumpy, or if it’s just the way Duri’s finish appears on the nail, or maybe my imagination?  But I am not a fan.

PEELING?  Yup, my nails started peeling.  I haven’t had peely nails for a few years now since I take really good care of them (with the exception of my naughty middle finger on my dominant hand that often peels or breaks).  But some of my nails are always perfect like my pointer/index fingers… and even they started to peel!  I didn’t notice the peeling ’til near the very end of the trial though. They seemed ok for the first week, but after about day 8 I noticed the tips looked like layers were lifting up a teeny bit, but I ignored it and kept doing what I was doing.  Until the last day….

JUDGEMENT DAY- After ten full days of usage (technically 11 days) I took my ‘after’ pics.  This is how it went down- I removed my nail color with nail polish remover, moisturized, got my camera out, and then I noticed that one of my nails was broken!  Yup, right in time for the photography portion of the review.  Oh duri, sorry to do this to you, but a picture says a thousand words!

It’s also important to know that I continued to use the product for another five days and managed to break two more nails in that time.  So that means I broke a total of 3 nails in a week.  That is so unlike me!  I never break that many in a week.  Boo.

Here’s a left-hand pic of day 10 right before my last duri application.  Not lookin too good. 😦

duri day 10


I used this product for 15 days straight and I can say for sure that it had a negative impact on my nail health. So there ya have it.  I think Duri Rejuvacote is one of my least favorite nail strengtheners.  It’s right up there with Nail Tek (uck).  After using Duri I was forced to file my nails down to eliminate my peeling tips.  That’s $8 bucks down the drain!  I have gone right back to my Sally Hansen Maximum Growth and I feel better now.

But please remember that everyone’s nails are different, so it’s very possible that this product may work for you.  I’ve read a slew of blog posts stating that this stuff is phenomenal and they use it daily.   I have also heard from others that Duri can sometimes make your nailbed burn and sting like crazy?  What??  I’d like to know what the stinging is all about!?!  If this has happened to you, I’d like to hear about it!

If you’ve used duri before I’d like to know what you think!  Thank you for reading! And if you’re looking to grow your nails long here are my favorite strengtheners and some tips n tricks: Craftynail’s Nail Tips.

*This product was purchased by me.

OPI Nail Envy Review

*This product was purchased by me.

I’m so excited to finally share the results of my 10 day trial of OPI Nail Envy Nail Strengthener (complete with before and after pics)!  You see, lately my dominant right-hand nails have been breaking a lot and I wanted to test out this popular product and hopefully whip them back into shape!


The best-selling variety of Nail Envy is the original formula, but OPI also opi_envycarries an array of other formulas to target specific nail problems.  I chose the moisturizing formula of Nail Envy for Dry & Brittle Nails (in the red bottle).  Even though my nails seem pretty strong and grow at a decent rate, I do experience a lot of breakage.  If I accidentally bang my hand on something-  my nail will typically break or crack.   I hoped that the moisturizing formula for Dry & Brittle Nails would restore flexibility.  My results are to follow…but let’s check out my before and after pics first!!

OPI Nail Envy Review

And here’s my poor right hand which experienced some serious breakage right before I started using Nail Envy….

Nail Envy Before and After


The instructions say to apply two coats, and then an additional coat every other day.  After a week you must remove it all and start the process over again.  Since I change my nail color often, I was unable to follow their plan to a tee… so I applied two coats, then my nail color- and left that on through the next day.  Then on the third day I removed all polish and applied two more coats of Nail Envy and then my nail color, etc…  So basically, I was still able to apply the strengthener every other day as directed, but I didn’t get to build up the layers over a week’s time as recommended.  I decided to test the product out this way over a 10 day period…


From looking at the pics my nails look somewhat the same, just longer.  But here’s how I know this product really, really works….

Day 2- I banged my hand really hard on a metal fixture and experienced a minor snafu on my right-hand middle finger.  The impact to the nail caused the top layer to peel off on my tip.  Boo.  Very typical of my usual, “MAN, I broke a nail!”….. but remember, I only had one application of the product on at this time.  After I tore the peeled layer off I decided not to file or buff it, I just applied more Nail Envy.  I was impressed how the raw peeled area smoothed over and healed over time!  Within a few days the surface of that area seemed very even and almost like the peely layers were fusing back together!

Day 8- I whacked my hand on the wall while half asleep.  Not sure what happened exactly, but I know it involved my naughty cat Fergie.  My whole finger and nail bed hurt, so I flipped on the lights to assess the nail damage (this was the same nail that was impacted on day 2).  To my surprise- there was no damage!  My nail must’ve bent and absorbed the shock without breaking or cracking!  I left a pink nail polish mark on the wall, and my finger hurt like heck, but my nails were just fine.  I went back to bed with a smile on my face.

Day 9- Ok, I’m starting to sound like a major klutz- but I picked something up and it slipped out of my hand…and my left-hand middle finger nail bent backwards!  Ouch- don’t you hate when that happens?  It gives me the heebie-jeebies just thinking about it.   But I’m so glad that my nail didn’t snap!  It simply bent backwards, and then went back to normal. Very impressive.

By day 10 I can attest that this product made my nails much more flexible and resistant to breakage!  It seems to have restored hydration and made my nails less fragile.  I would definitely recommend this product!  The key may be to find the formula that would work best for you.  You can research the different formulas here on the OPI website.

Ten days was a long time… and my nails just kept growing and growing!  I cannot wait to file and shape my nails now!  Til next time…….