Crayola Washable Kids Paint for Nail Art?

I usually do my nail art with nail polish…but I wanted to try out something different !  How about some Crayola Washable Kids Paint? The pack I have contains 18 awesome colors… so why not?  Just look at them all… aren’t they pretty?


Before I started my nail art I wanted to lay down some good base colors so we can see how the kids paint builds up over top of varying shades.  I painted two of my nails with a cream nail polish, two with a black polish, and red for my thumb.  crayola_washable_paintThen I put seche vite topcoat over all my nails since my quick-dry black polish was slow to dry. (The irony!)

After my base colors were down I tested out my kids paint.  I used a skinny detail brush.  The paint was kinda thick, but not overly opaque.  So if my brush had a big blob of paint on it and I tried to dab it off, then it would thin out and not appear opaque when applied to the nail.  Because of this, I had to slather on healthy amounts of kid paint when hand-painting my nail art.  This means it took a little while to dry.  The right two nails have leopard, the left two have roses, and my thumb has poker suits on it.

They were easy to work with, and the paint washes right off if you make a mistake.  But there was a big problem lurking.  Apparently water-based paints like Crayola don’t behave well under a topcoat!!  I covered my nail art with one coat of seche vite and it dried so weird!  The crayola-painted areas looked dull, bumpy and matte, and the rest of my nail looked normal and shiny.  Let’s check it out….


Also, one layer of Crayola wasn’t quite enough.  The cream-colored nails looked okay, but the black nails definitely needed a double layer of kids paint.  I painted the below roses just once, and after applying topcoat you can see just how translucent the design came out.  Also, lookit how the water-based paint seeped through the seche vite!  It looks so strange and bumpy. ↓


Before I applied topcoat to my thumb I decided to re-paint the designs so they had two layers of crayola paint.  2 layers was better as the designs look much more defined than on my black nails.  Also, they didn’t smudge when I applied topcoat.  But eww, the bumpiness! ↓


So there you have it!  Water-based paints do NOT work well for nail art!  I tried a second coat of seche vite, and that looks much better.  But still, that’s a hassle, and I probably won’t use these much for nail designs.  Maybe with a matte topcoat?  I don’t know.  I guess I will stick with nail polish or acrylic paints.  Too bad, because the 18 colors are so pretty and I love that the pots are connected so I won’t have a zillion paint tubes cluttering my space.  Does anyone know of any sets of acrylic paint that look convenient like this?  Or will I have to buy a zillion different bottles/tubes of acrylic paint?* each sold separately LOL