Rainbow Polish by AVON

rainbow_silverI was digging through my stash of polish and I found this old gem!  I’ve had it forever, but I guess I forgot about it.  It’s from a special AVON collection called Rainbow Nail Enamel and the shade is named Rainbow Silver.

I’m realizing that AVON may have been ahead of their time with this one!  I think this polish is from 2003.  AVON calls this a rainbow shade….but by today’s standards it would be considered a holographic.  I think it’s pretty cool that they carried holos 10 yrs ago! I was under the impression that the holo craze was more of a recent trend…within the last few years or so?  If anyone knows when holographics hit the market, please let me know.  Cuz now I’m curious!


Wish I bought more of these back when AVON carried them!