Nail Tips

Do your nails peel, or break?  Do you want longer nails?  I started making some changes… and now my nail problems are a thing of the past.  These are my tried and true nail tips that helped me get the long nails that I’ve always wanted…


Nail Strengthener- I pretty much always have some strengthener on at any given time. And I always use nail strengthener as a base coat under my nail color.  I never even bother using regular base coat anymore.  Strictly nail strengthener for me.  I also never keep my nails bare as I find they break easier that way- so even if I’m lazy and don’t have painted nails- at least I’m protecting them with one coat of strengthener.  I alternate between these three brands:

  • Nailtiques Nail ProteinNailtiques makes several different formulas to combat specific nail problems.  I use ‘Nailtiques Nail Protein Formula 2’.  It’s my go-to product when my nails start getting peel-y.  It whips me back into shape quickly.  This stuff is a little pricey for me in U.S. …but it’s SO worth it to have on hand!
  • Sally Hansen Maximum Growth- The above photo was taken after using ‘Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Daily Nail Treatment’ for 30 days straight.  I used it as a basecoat during a month-long nail art challenge and my nails came out in tip top shape!  It’s the longest and strongest that my nails have ever been.  When I use it sporadically I have okay results, but when I use it regularly then I see even better results! Highly recommended by me as it’s relatively inexpensive compared to some other brands.  This is the product that I use most of the time since it works well, is cheap in comparison to others, and is easy to find in stores.
  • OPI Nail Envy- This is stuff works well to strengthen my nails and prevent breakage.  It makes them flexible and strong.  I’ve reviewed the product here: OPI Nail Envy Review with before and after pics

What product didn’t work for me? Duri Rejuvacote: Duri Review with before and after pics

Wrap your tips- This means when you apply your basecoat of nail strengthener you should make sure to apply the polish to the end of your nail and ‘wrap your tips’ with the polish.  This keeps almost your whole nail encased with strengthener so water doesn’t leak in and weaken them.  It helps prevent splitting and peeling as well.  As your nails grow longer you will be able to coat the underside of of your nail as well.  I do that before every manicure and I feel good about strengthening the top AND underside of my nails!  Maximum effectiveness!

Nail Filing Always opt for filing rather than using a nail clipper.  And throw out those old scratchy emery boards!  Glass files are the way to go!  They do less damage to your nails, they work better and file ohh so smoothly.  I got one at Sally Beauty Supply for around $8 and I keep that in my purse.  The one I use at home is a Mont Bleu  Don’t forget- never file your nails when they are wet because that causes splitting/peeling.  They say it’s best to file in the same direction too (rather than a back-and-forth sawing motion).

Moisturize those hands The more you moisturize with hand cream, the healthier your nails and cuticles will become.  In the past I have been very lazy with this one.  But once I amped up my moisturizing routine I really saw a big difference.  I rarely get hangnails now, my cuticles are much tamer, and my nails are less brittle and break less.  I keep hand lotion at work, in my purse, on the coffee table, in the bedroom- everywhere.  Here’s some products I like a lot.

Nails are not tools!  I make an effort to not use my nails as tools anymore.  Opening soda cans, pulling a zipper up… these are things that I do much slower and carefully now.  I try to use the pads of my fingers so that there’s as little pressure on my nails as possible.  It felt silly at first, but now it’s just a way of life for me.  And if there’s a guy around you- just ask him to help you with stuff.  He’ll feel like a macho man and you’ll save your nails.  WIN/WIN!  Also, if you’re gardening, or moving stuff or washing dishes-  always wear gloves.

March 2014-  My nails got nice and long from following these rules.  See the above pic?  Yowzer!  Those were some long claws that I had in 2013.  But lately I’ve been keeping my nails shorter and pointier which is really easy to maintain.  But if I did decide to grow mine out again I’d probably buy a brand new bottle of Nailtiques #2 and wear that everyday.  I’d also stop filing them and just let them do their thing and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

nail shapes by craftnail

I always update my blog if I discover any other amazing products or awesome tricks!  Thanks for reading!


6 thoughts on “Nail Tips

  1. I’m a reformed nail biter and after following a routine similar to yours, I’m beginning to see the difference. Thanks for the tips! BTW I dont have as long nails as yours…but am aiming for that 😀

    • You’re welcome! I used to bite too.. movie theaters were the worst! I’d come out of there with barely any nails left. Lol. But once you make an effort to keep your nails nice you really do see good results 🙂 good luck and thanks for reading!

    • Yeah if you keep some strengthener on them for a couple weeks straight they may perk up 🙂 I don’t really like NailTek brand though- I’m not sure if they have that near you or not.

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