Day 30 of OMD Challenge- Betty and Veronica Nails!

What’s my fave comic book for day 30?  Betty and Veronica!  When I was a kid I used to collect Archie comics… but mostly the Betty and Veronica ones!  Jughead and Archie are ok…. but those two girls are  just too cute!


I used the newspaper nails technique with an old comic book from 1990.  Lookit how cute my thumb nail ↑ came out!  It’s a little pic of Betty and Veronica being buddy-buddy with their arms around each other.  Of course, earlier in the storyline they were ready to pull eachother’s hair out…but I’m glad they made up in the end!


I’m really happy with my middle finger- the Betty image transferred really well!  It’s cool because Betty was always my favorite!  Unfortunately, the Veronica nail didn’t come out as good… but I think I didn’t press hard enough when I was transferring the image.  I think the key to good newspaper nails is PRESSURE!  Here’s a closeup of my Betty…


I can’t believe that tomorrow is the last day of the OMD!  I think it’s cute that we all started calling it OMD.  I guess it’s easier than writing out oh mon dieu it’s the rather awesome 31 day nail art challenge giveaway!  I’ll tell you what though … I’ll never hear the phrase ‘oh mon dieu’ the same way! Ever again!! 😀

30. Fave Comic Book (or Character) :

Spidey nails!


spideyMy boyfriend and I have been playing a lot of this awesome fighting game called The Avengers Battle for Earth on our new Wii U console.  So this weekend I have superheroes on the brain!  I really wanted to do Hulk nails, mostly because I love green and the Hulk is the bomb.  But I couldn’t find my Hulk comic books.  So I tore apart my boyfriend’s old Web of Spider-Man comic and used the newspaper nails technique to create this look.


I wish I could say that I used My Boyfriend Scales Walls as the base color for this design.  That woulda been perfect!  But poor moi does not own that OPI shade so I used Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Lavender Cloud.  I wish that newspaper nails worked a little bit better for me.  The detail here is not that crisp and the colors are sorta muted.  But all in all, it came out nice and it’s fun to experiment with!  The rubbing alcohol can do a number on the cuticles though- so I’ll stop experimenting for now! Lol



Thanksgiving nail fail!

Happy thanksgiving to all my American girls out there! I had this great thanksgiving nail design idea swimming around in my head for days! My inspiration was the newspaper nails technique.  My rendition was to cut out pics of favorite thanksgiving-type foods from the supermarket flyer and imprint them on my white nails. Too bad it was an epic fail! Lol! But the design is still kind of fun so I thought I’d share some pics anyway.

thanksgiving nail fail
I scoured the Stop n Shop flyer to find and clip images of (from left to right) frenchs french fried onions, turkey, stove top stuffing, ocean spray cranberry sauce, and cool whip! Yummy!! Too bad all the words transpose backwards when using the newspaper nails technique! I knew they’d be backwards… but I thought the text would be dark enough and the logos would be recognizable enough to really stand out and look reminiscent of the foods in our thanksgiving shopping cart!  Maybe the colored print from the flyers I used didn’t transfer as well as newspaper print does?  I also had a hard time applying my Pure Ice polish.  This greyish white polish called Super Star! happens to be the only bottle of Pure Ice that I own. Not sure if it’s just Super Star, or if all of their shades are like this… but the formula was not my fave.  The consistency kinda reminded me of white-out and the skinny brush made application difficult and streaky.
thanksgiving nail design

Oh well! So my thanksgiving nail design fell a little flat, but i had a great holiday!  Hope you all had a wonderful time with family and friends and that you didn’t have to go to work!