Green Glitter Christmas Nails

I wanted to squeeze in another holiday mani before Christmas day arrives.  Ready or not, it’s right around the corner!

Island Girl Hawaii Glitter Nails

I got this cute green glitter polish in an ABC Store in Las Vegas earlier this month.  It’s called Island Volcano by Island Girl Hawaii and it’s a perfect polish for a Christmas mani!  I also grabbed a few other items from this brand and I love that I own Hawaiian nail products now!  Especially the beautiful bottle of cuticle oil with dried flowers floating in it.  I’ll have to show you sometime!

Christmas Green Gliiter Nails

Here’s what I’m wearing…

♥ Essence Peel Off Base Coat – 1 coat

♥ Funky Fingers in Limelight – 2 coats

♥ Island Girl Hawaii in Island Volcano – 2 coats

♥ no-name brand red studs – I like that they look like tiny maraschino cherries 🙂

♥ Seche Vite topcoat

Island Volcano Glitter by Hawaii Girl

I’d also like to add this manicure to the INSPIRED BY CHRISTMAS COLOURS inlinkz for #ChristmasWithFLP which is a cute December Nail Challenge that I found out about on Lekker Lacquer’s blog.  There’s a lot of fun themes for this Christmas Challenge… check it out here!

Breast Cancer Awareness Nails

I just read online that if you are over 40 then it’s recommended to get your breasts checked every year.  If you are under age 40 then you need to get them checked every 3 yrs.  This is typically something that your gyno can do quickly when you have a pap exam.  Or you can always ask your general doc if you’re getting a regular physical.  It’s also recommended to do self checks in between.  I was gonna include a nice pictoral of how to do a self breast exam… but the pics had too many nips and I have to keep this G rated.  Instead, here’s a link to a really informative video: Breast Self Exam.

We probably all know that the best detection is available via mammogram.  Not sure how it works in other countries, but in the U.S. mammograms are typically only available if you 1) have insurance or are a zillionaire and can pay out of pocket and 2) are over 40 yrs of age.  I heard that they’re trying to change it to 50 yrs too!  So if we’re under that ‘mammogram age’ then it sounds like we gotta look out for ourselves!  Better check out that video right now!

Oh yeah, I’ve also painted my nails….


I’m wearing Dazzling Pink and 3D Silver which are both holographic 3D Effects polishes by L.A. Girl.  If you like these, I’m giving them away to one lucky winner in my giveaway which runs til Oct 10th, 2013.  <<  You should totally enter!

To make my awareness ribbon I free-hand painted the shape in black nail polish.  While the black was still tacky I carefully positioned some loose glitter on top.  It’s not hard to position glitter- you simply dab a toothpick or dotting tool in a teeny amount of clear polish.  That makes it sticky so you can use it to pick up and then place your glitter.  (I used craft glitter that I got at walmart.)  The glitter looks great against the silver… I love the disco-ball effect!  Oh, I also put one coat of seche vite on top which worked really well to lock down and smooth out my glitter.  Do I neglect to mention topcoat in a lot of my posts?  If so, you should know that I use seche 99.9999% of the time. 🙂


You should do a pink breast cancer awareness mani too!  You have the whole month of October to submit for Nail Art Ideas Linkup.  Here are the links to the other Breast Cancer Awareness Manicures:


Nail Art Ideas Linkup- Astrology Theme

I’m excited for Nail Art ideas Linkup.  First off, I’ve got a fun cancer astrology manicure for the last week of september.  And second, we’ve got some great themes coming up for October so stay tuned for those!

I’m pretty into astrology, you?  My sign is cancer and I really identify with it.  I feel like many of my traits and cancerous.  Wait, that doesn’t sound so good, but you know what I mean.  Cancer is a water sign and is closely associated with the moon.  Good colors for cancers are sea green and silver so that’s what I went with for today’s NAIL manicure.  Cancer is also associated with opals, pearls and moonstones… so I incorporated some pearl-like studs in my mani too.


I’m wearing two coats of Orly Jealous, Much?  My middle finger has pearl studs and silver sponging.  My ring finger has a hand-painted brown cancer symbol and some silver sponging as well.  But I really like how my thumb, pointer and pinky fingers came out.  I dabbed on some white square-shaped glitter called OPI Lights of Emerald City.  Then I sponged some teal Sinful Colors glitter over top which hid the squares a bit and it gives a really neat layered appearance.  The Sinful Colors glitter is called Nail Junkie and I was super impressed with how glimmery it was!  I got it back in July for my birthday (from my mommy!) but I haven’t tried it til now.  It reminds me of mermaids- I’ll have to reach for it again soon!


I’d love to see more astrology manis for NAIL.  You have til Sept 29 to submit one.  Here are the links!

Polish Alcoholic Autumn 2013

I’ve got a sneak peak sampling of Polish Alcoholic‘s Autumn 2013 collection!  I’m showing you two new shades that just scream AUTUMN!   You’ll be able to find these handmade (3-free) polishes right here at PolishAlcholic Etsy Shop starting October 7, 2013.  Polish Alcoholic ships internationally and the items arrive beautifully wrapped in pink, purple and ribbon! Use code JACQUI10 to get a 10% discount on etsy

p.a. autumn 2013 copy

The first polish up is called Veni, Vidi, Vici. It’s an orange jelly with black and white shredded glitter.  This jelly needed three coats to reach full opacity.  The amount of shredded glitter in here is just perfection.  Look at how effortlessly the shreds spread out over my nails (they lay flat too)!  Shown here is one coat of Orly Ridge Filler, three coats of Veni, Vidi, Vici and one coat of Seche Vite. ↓


I received a lot of compliments on this manicure.  Veni, Vidi, Vici looks so good on me, if I must say so!  I can’t wait to wear it again!  Especially since Halloween is right around the corner…


The next shade is called Cum Non Tum Age, a blue shimmer with gold and orange glitter.  Cum Non Tum Age is a bright blue that leans a little purple.  I love the blue and orange color combo especially since they’re opposites on the color wheel.  The formula of this blue is much thicker than the orange jelly.  Cum Non Tum Age dries to an almost textured semi-satin finish.  It’s not a metallic nail polish, but it almost looks like one since it has so much sheen!  Shown here is one coat of Sally Hansen Maximum Growth as a base coat, two coats of Cum Non Tum Age, and one coat of Seche Vite. ↓


Cum Non Tum Age dries fast!  In fact, both of these polishes do!   Because of this, I had better luck when I painted my nails quickly and with as few strokes as possible as to not drag the drying polish.  I found that the surface was dry to-the-touch within minutes!  I didn’t ding or dent my mani in between coats. 🙂

Here’s another shot of Cum Non Tum Age.  You can see that it has a unique finish to it.  It’s not glossy.  It’s got more of a textured satin finish that glows!  Oh, and this blue did not stain my natural nails! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Did you notice that both of these shades have intriguing Latin names?  The whole collection does and they’ll be available soon on the PolishAlcoholic Etsy shop.  If your tempted to place an order online don’t forget to use my code JACQUI10 to get 10% off (discount good til October 31, 2013).

So what do you think of these autumn glitter polishes?  And have you tried any of Polish Alcoholic’s indies before??

*Both of these polishes were provided to me for my honest review.

Fall French Manicure and Pinterest Changes?

I really wanted to do a galaxy mani for Chalkboard’s nail challenge since that was the theme for today.  Galaxies are so much fun.  But I had a horrid headache tonite after my aerobics class…. so I watched some corny horror movies with my boyfriend and laid on the couch all night.  Ever seen The People Under The Stairs (from 1991) or Child’s Play 2 (it’s one of those Chucky movies)?  Ahhh I just love netflix 🙂  You get to watch super-cheese movies without the embarrassment of having to rent them out in public.  Anywho, I kinda gave up on the idea of doing my nails tonite… but once my ibuprofen kicked in I got my second wind!  Rather than going nuts with a galaxy mani late at nite I figured I’d try a nice simple french mani.  And since fall is coming I reached for my rich evergreen-toned essence polish called Deap Sea, Baby!


For this french mani I tried out my new Essence French Manicure Brush that Viviana sent me.  You may know Viviana as Nail-art Addict!   What a doll she is!  I was ooohing and aaahing over how cool this little brush looked in one of her posts so she kindly sent one my way (all the way from the Netherlands!)  If you haven’t seen the Nail-Art Addict’s blog, you’ll want to check it out.  Her nail art is the bomb but so is her blog design as she’s a webmaster in real life!!  Oh, and to top it off- she blogs in two languages.  Whereas I’m just lucky to manage one! 😀

So, my manicure looks fine but I did have some troubles with this little brush.  Some of my nails seemed too wide for it.  It was the perfect size for my pinkie though LOL!   Despite this, it’s an innovative little thing, isn’t it?


I used the brush along with Deep Sea, Baby to paint my tips.  If the brush didn’t reach the edges of my nail I did some touch-ups to get the green where I needed it.  Then I topped it off with one coat of a gold Sephora by OPI glitter called Only Gold For Me.  This glitter is smooth and didn’t require a topcoat (maybe because it’s already labeled as a topcoat right on the bottle) and I think it pairs nicely with the deep green for a nice fall look.  I really enjoy a french mani with a twist from time to time.  I used to be intimidated by french manis, but now I find them relatively simple.  Practice makes perfect I suppose.

I also wanted to mention the new changes to Pinterest.  Pinterest will soon start pinning ads for businesses.  Have you heard of this?  I don’t really know what to think just yet.  I guess I’ll have to see it in action before I can pass any judgements.  (Oh, and if you’d like to follow me on pinterest here’s my link.)  Below is the email notification I received tonite …what do you think??????

Just over a year ago, my wife and I welcomed our son into the world. Since his first day, I’ve been pinning fun things we can do together, right now while he’s still little and later when he gets older. I know many of you do the same. Pinterest is where you keep your wishlists, vacation plans, dream home ideas, and other things you want to do soon and in the future.
That’s why for us, it’s so important that Pinterest is a service that will be here to stay. To help make sure it does, we’re going to start experimenting with promoting certain pins from a select group of businesses.
I know some of you may be thinking, “Oh great…here come the banner ads.” But we’re determined to not let that happen. While we haven’t figured out all the details, I can say that promoted pins will be:
  • Tasteful—No flashy banners or pop-up ads.
  • Transparent—We’ll always let you know if someone paid for what you see, or where you see it.
  • Relevant—These pins should be about stuff you’re actually interested in, like a delicious recipe, or a jacket that’s your style.
  • Improved based on your feedback—Keep letting us know what you think, and we’ll keep working to make things better.
For our first test, we’ll promote a few pins in search results and category feeds. For example, a pin for a Darth Vader outfit from a costume shop might be promoted in a search for “halloween.” Nobody’s paying for anything yet—we want to see how things go and, more than anything, hear what you think.
Thanks so much for all your support these first few years, and we hope you’ll keep pinning with us for many years to come!
All the best,

IDK!  What do you think of all this??

#31DC2013 – DAY 2 Orange Nails

Hi!  I would like to jump in on Chalkboard Nails’ 31 Day Challenge!  Day two is dedicated to ORANGE so here is my orange mani!


I know this isn’t my typical crazy Craftynail-style nail art… but sometimes I crave a simple mani. 🙂  I’m wearing two coats of I Think I Cayenne by Sephora by OPI and then I applied some glitter to my tips using Ulta’s Piñata-yada-yada.  This orange is so lovely in the bottle… but on my nails it just looks ok.  Maybe cool colors looks better on me than warm colors?  Cute story about my glitter- when I was on vacation in Oregon shopping with my BFF I kept eye-ing this Ulta glitter topper.  I didn’t end up buying it… so my BFF picked it up for me.  Isn’t that sweet?  Oftentimes when we go shopping together we get home and open our bags and she’s like, ‘LOOK- I got this for you’!  And I’m like, ‘LOOK- I got this for YOU’!!  That’s the fun thing about girlfriends- we’re so dang thoughtful! ❤


I hope you like my day 2 orange mani for the 31DC2013!!  Here’s the upcoming themes.  I can’t commit to doing every theme, but I hope I can still come up with many cool manis.  Til next time!

Jindie Moon Walk Swatch

Happy monday everyone! Hmmmmm I’ve never really used the words Happy and Monday in the same sentence before! Weird!

Very recently I was announced the winner of a giveaway on Cynthia’s blog Of Life And Lacquer! I won a bottle of Jindie Nails Artisan Nail Polish in Moon Walk!  The cool thing was… I only owned one single solitary bottle of indie polish…. so Cynthia just doubled my entire indie collection! Woot!

Check out how extremely pink Moon Walk is! It’s pinker than pink. It also has a variety of circle glitter, moons and stars in there. Shown here is three coats and a thick coat of Seche Vite. Thank you Cynthia! This nail polish is so ‘me’ !


I hope you have a great start to your week!  What I’m really looking forward to is later this week when we pull the raffle winners for our OMD Nail Challenge Giveaway!  Soon, my loves!