Eiffel Tower Nails for #NAILLINKUP

Week 1 of N.A.I.L. for May is TRAVEL/TOURISM and I immediately knew I wanted to do something French.  My ancestors are from France.  Sure, they left Europe over 400 hundred years ago, but still, I’ve always been interested in my heritage.  The fact that my full name is super french-sounding probably has something to do with it.  I studied french for years and years in school and college too.  But unfortunately, I’ll forget it all if I don’t put it to good use.  What a shame that would be.  Is the fear of losing my foreign language skills a good enough excuse for me to blow a wad of cash on a flight and hotel in Paris?  I say a resounding YES!!!!!!!!!   And guess who I will be visiting when I land in the land of la France?  My Brijit, of course!  I’m putting this shiz on my bucket list.  I seriously need to get off this continent someday.

But you are here to see my nails….. not hear about my hopes and dreams.  So here they are!

paris nails

I tried to stamp the Eiffel Tower using one of my Bundle Monster plates but I think BM didn’t etch the design well enough.  I had the damnedest time and got pretty frustrated.  I used my squishy MoYou stamper, and then my Konad one. The Konad stamper almost worked, if I pushed really hard.  But then I said forget it!  And I free-handed the towers instead.  Much better!!!! Kinda cute and artsy and french looking, non?

eiffel tower nail art

The accent nails are OPI Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around and the towers were done with a cheap black striper polish.  And my other nails…. such a pretty aqua color!  Here’s a closeup…

finger paints

The aqua is Finger Paints Dream I Can Fly (Which I also painted on my mom too and we both love it!)  Then I sponged some Finger Paints matte glitter on the tips.  The glitter’s called Crystal Springs and it kinda looks like floam to me.  There’s also little shards of flakies in there.  I adore it.

You should totally do a TRAVEL mani too!  Where do you dream to go for holiday??

And for those of you with exceptional attention spans, here’s some background info on Nail Art ideas Linkup

Did you know that Brijit and Jemma and I started the Nail Art Ideas Linkup after last summer’s big OMD Challenge? That July challenge we did was so much fun it was kinda depressing to think that it would be over.  So we developed N.A.I.L. to keep the momentum going.  Since we started in August 2013 I have done a manicure for every single prompt but I’m only realizing today how many that is!  If you wanna see all my N.A.I.L. manicures then hop over to my Gallery Page to see them all in one spot!  And speaking of the OMD Challenge, my next post will be a sneak peak at what’s in store for the 2nd annual July OMD Challenge.  So if you are into big huge nail challenges then stay tuned.  Oh mon dieu!



28 thoughts on “Eiffel Tower Nails for #NAILLINKUP

  1. Ooh la la Paris ❤ ! (read that in a French accent haha) Your Eiffel Tower looks amazing, I love the artsy look of it 🙂 I'm really falling for Don't Bossa Nova Me Around! (which I now always think of as Don't Bossa Me Nova since you once said that should be it's actual name and it indeed sounds a lot better!)

  2. my baby sister recently did a semester abroad in france and made me paint the eiffel tower…on her TOES. I still haven’t forgiven her! your’s are cuter though 🙂

  3. I love these nails! You did such an awesome job! I was going to start planning a trip to Europe but my crap car decided to get worse so it looks like those funds are going towards a new car. The older I get, the more I think I should visit the rest of my family, I have a cousin in Ukraine and while this isn’t the best time to go, I’d love to better understand that side of my heritage. I also have tons of family & acquaintances in Japan but that seems like an easier trip than Ukraine. I’d love to go to Tahiti someday though… Sigh, back to daydreaming 😉

  4. You definitely have to come visit me! Awesome freehanding honey, looks very cool and sketchy – realistic too though 😀
    And if I ever get to come visit NY again, I’ll pop over to say hello!

  5. Amazing NailArt! I can’t wait to have more info on the OMD Challenge!!! I hope I could join it, but July is a university exam period :S

    • Oh man! Well, how the OMD works is that you get a raffle entry for every design you do, so if you do all 30 days you get 30 chances to win the prize, but if you only do 4 for example, then you get 4 raffle entries. So you could always do what you can and hope for the best. At the end we pick one random winner. Last year we picked one winner in US, one in UK, one in Europe and one from the rest of the world. So four prizes in total! It’s not all about the prizes, but it’s a fun bonus!

  6. These are so pretty! Since I’m broke and apparently spend all my money on polish, I doubt I’ll be able to go anywhere anytime soon. I did spend a year in Paris and have traveled a lot, but I think my biggest travel boner right now involved going to Tanzania so I can climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. Of course I need to get in shape for that so that’s another motivator.

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