what I’m wearing and my poll results

Just a quickie post today to show you what I’m wearing on my nails.  But also to give you a little update on that poll I put together last week.

AVON Aurora

I kinda wish I was still wearing those peacock nails from my last post.  They were epic.  But the base coat I was wearing made the design peel right off.  Boo freakin hoo!  I will have to fill you in on this lamo calcium-building base coat soon.  But anyway, since the work week is in full effect now… I went with a quick mani sans nailart.  It’s a nice purple holo that I swatched only once here and have been wanting to wear again.  It’s called Aurora by AVON and it’s from their special Cosmic Collection.  I have been obsessing over every AVON polish I’ve gotten recently.  Their formulas are great, and the brushes?  I dunno what it is about their brushes, but I love them, especially when it comes to painting my dominant hand.  My AVON manis come out looking so clean and professional, even on my “Cinderella hand”.

AVON purple holo swatch

Originally I wore two coats of Aurora and got perfect coverage.  It dried so fast that I was able to go to bed afterwards without seche vite on top, and still, I got no sheet marks in the morning!  That is unheard of for me.  I think I must lay directly on top of my hands or something because sleepy Jacqui can be a real manicure wrecker!  That’s why I cannot live without seche vite.  But this quickie dry polish was a nice surprise.  AND THEN…. then today I broke two nails!  Whhaaa?  Yup, two.  I think that calcium builder I’ve been using really sucks. So I had to file my nails down, to get them to all match.  But I’m okay with it, they don’t look too short.  So after filing them down I added another coat of Aurora to nicen it up.  So these photos are: one crappy base coat, and three coats of AVON Aurora, and no topcoat.  But really, you should only need two coats of this one.

new font for Craftynail

Now, on to my poll results.  Remember last week I asked your opinion on changing my font?  Well, the results are in and it’s been a really close call between B and C!  Initially after posting this poll I got cold feet about changing my font… I thought I was really gonna miss my little hearts from my current Craftynail logo.  But you know what, my readers have spoken and it’s time for change!  I’m going balls to the wall and taking it one step further too!  I’m changing the whole look of my blog!  I’m keeping the shabby chic appearance, but I’m doing a full re-vamp.  So stay tuned.  Within the next week I should be unveiling my new and improved Craftynail blog !

And I just wanted to say thanks for all your support.  I love you guys. 😀


16 thoughts on “what I’m wearing and my poll results

  1. I think your current font is cute but not readable when small. was this your main concern?

    option B seems a good pick for a name like “craftynail” – it mimics a typewriter, has to do with craft, with hands… = great analogies plus super-readable.
    have you checked the fonts regarding licence? are they free to use?

    oh, and as I wrote it, I remembered I wanted to share with you this link:
    http://copyscape.com/banners.php – am thinking of grabbing a color-matched one for myself.
    and even wordpress’ own support suggests this service (proof: http://en.support.wordpress.com/prevent-content-theft/)


    • You are awesome! I haven’t seen those copyright banners before, what a great tip. Thank you!
      I agree with you about the fonts. I prefer the typewriter one best as well since it definitely looks crafty and diy-ish. I already made myself a new header using that font (which is free) and I’m pretty happy with it. It’s less busy than my current flowery one, but it feels right. My current Katy Berry font served me well, but like you said, it’s hard to read in some instances since the spacing between the letters is a bit off.
      The most popular one (as of right now it’s winning by a little) was C, but from a distance the C looks like an E and I’m afraid it might not work well. not sure.

      • sorry for the late reply, a little b-day break 😉

        I see you have started to use the typewriter font already. looks good!

        • Thanks! And yes, I started using it here and there. I really wanted to use the one that won in the poll! But I’m redesigning my blog and the curly letters didn’t go with my upcoming header design 😦

  2. Pretty polish! I also don’t think your nails look too short now – when mine break, they always break like the shortest possible! I’m curious about the new blog look! 🙂

  3. Can’t wait to see the new look! Your nails still look fab – I’m recovering from a couple of breaks at the moment too. I love my Avon polishes too – sometimes I miss being rep!

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