Pastel Peacock Nail Art using OPI Sheer Tints

Here’s another great way to use your OPI Sheer Tints…


Start with a white or light neutral base color.  Then do some nail stamping over top.   When that’s dry, light sweep some OPI Sheer Tints over top of your stamps to get this awesome effect!  One of the cool things about Sheer Tints is that they are so translucent you really don’t need to be neat or accurate when you apply them.  Yet the finished product makes people go “hmmmm how did you do that?”

peacock nails sheer tints

37 thoughts on “Pastel Peacock Nail Art using OPI Sheer Tints

  1. I love this so much! I’ve been meaning to do this leadlighting technique, but alas I have only 1 sheer polish (gasp!). Yet another reason to invest in those Sheer Tints… anyways, love your mani as always 🙂

  2. I have been slacking so bad in commenting but I have checked out every post. Love getting the email notifications. 😉 These are beyond amazing Jax! Love them to bits! I am a sucker for all things peacock. Love love love!

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