The Beauty Buffs- Royal Blue

thebeautybuffsHave you heard that one of the hot nail colors for spring 2014 is royal blue?

Just because cobalt and royal blues are trending right now that doesn’t mean you need to run out and buy new bottles of polish!  This is a perfect chance for you to ‘shop your stash’ and see what blue beauties you have tucked away in your nail polish collection.

Blue is one of my favorite shades to wear!  I have a bunch- shimmers, navies, pastels, holos.  But I wanted to find one that reminds me of the intense blue hues that I’ve seen on the runways this season.  And I think I found the perfect shade!

royal blue essie butler please

Here I’m wearing two coats of  Butler Please from Essie.  This color is actually my very-first-ever bottle of Essie!  It’s intense, eye-catching and is the personification of blue.  It dries sorta matte so you’ll want some topcoat to make it shine.

I went ahead and did simple nail art on top using another color that I notice is on trend this spring- chartreuse.  I think I was in Kohl’s when I realized how hot this color is right now. I looked around and saw tons of this funky yellow/green color dotted throughout the women’s clothing section.  If you’re looking for a great chartreuse you may want to try Sinful Colors Innocent.  I have a few funky greens, but none are as perfect as this one for nail art.  It’s nice and opaque and the formula is great.

royal blue nail art

Now I’m styling for spring!  You should totally shop your stash for the perfect blue too!

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37 thoughts on “The Beauty Buffs- Royal Blue

  1. I wonder how different butler please is from Essie bouncer it’s me (bouncer it’s me doesn’t dry matte). I’ve been looking for this limy green yellow color so I’ll be looking for sinful colors innocent. Thanks!

  2. Gorgeous blue! I love blue polishes but I don’t wear them very often – however, I think I have the perfect bright blue hidden somewhere in my stash to be totally hip this spring! Time to dig it up!

      • Ahh, unfortunately I don’t live in the US, and I haven’t been able to find any of the sinful colors without shipping costs that are more than the polish itself 😛 But I might get one from Primark (if I ever go there), this one ( – Dutch article, but the pictures are beautiful) looks slightly similar, even though it’s branded as ‘purple’ 😛

  3. Sinful Colors Endless Blue is a dead dupe for Butler Please (and is only $2)…the hillarous part is I have the dupe green as well…Essie The More The Merrier :-p

    • That’s funny! I will look for that sinful blue. I might have to get it for my mom. She would love it. Innocent is hers (i borrowed it, as if i dont have enough nail polishes).

      • hahah! in warning….endless blue is beautiful, but it smells AWFUL for some reason. maybe it’s just my bottle, but it is by far my worst smelling polish!

  4. I love this shade, Essie has come out with two beautiful RB’s in the last couple of years. Love a bright punch of color like this.

  5. I love blue too so I’m totally for this trend! I don’t have this particular one but I do have Nails Inc Baker Street, which is a very similar shade. Looks great on you!

  6. I think Butler Please was my first Essie as well! It’s such a fantastic shade and it will always have a place in my heart 🙂 I love the simple art you did with this as well 🙂

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