Essence Peel Off Base Coat – Review

I was using my own DIY peel-off base coat for a while.  But when I saw this Essence product in a store while on vacation I just had to grab it since I have a hard time finding essence stuff where I live.  I think this Essence Peel Off Base Coat was only maybe $1.99 if I remember correctly.  Sorry to say, not a fan of this product though.  I don’t think it works well. I’ve tried it twice and didn’t have good luck either time.

essence peel-off

First off, before application, your nails must be squeaky clean with no oils on them.  This formula has a tendency to retract and bead up on your nail.  Even with freshly washed hands this happens.  So you may need to wipe your nails with acetone before using Essence Peel Off Base Coat.

One thing I liked is that you can see when it’s dry.  The bottle says to wait ten minutes, but I don’t think it even took that long.  FYI- Essence dried much faster than my diy stuff.

When I first tried it out it took a lot of work to get off.  I used an orange stick and had to pick a lot!  It was not fun.  Second time I had many more layers of glitter so I thought it would work much better- I was guessing the glitter would peel off in one stiff piece.  But it totally didn’t.  I picked so much (and I used my nails this time, not an orange stick) and it was a hassle.  My nails looked crappy and damaged since it was peeling off the surface of my nails.  Also, it didn’t protect them well as you can see in the last pic above- I got wicked stains!  And I didn’t even think that Zoya Zuza was a stainer.

In essence, I would skip this essence product.  White craft glue (elmers) works better!  Plus, there’s a whole bunch of other products on the market you could try.  Lindsay over at NAIL THAT ACCENT just did a great comparison of a few of the top brands of peel-offs.

What kinda peel-off stuff works best for you??

21 thoughts on “Essence Peel Off Base Coat – Review

  1. This is weird but I got my polish poping off in one piece with Seche top coat and that’s not even a base coat. I will have a moment of truth tonight, I hope the green I have on didn’t stain (since I added 2 layers of base coat and 2 layers of white) but I can never be sure. Some of the weirdest colours stain my nails when other people don’t have any staining problems with them and vice versa XD

  2. Aww that sucks. I have a peel off base coat a friend sent me from Korea that I love. Not sure how I’ll get another bottle when I run out though since she’s not living over there anymore!

  3. That’s so weird, I love this peel off base! It works really well on my nails? I’ve no idea why it was worked so badly on your nails! 😦

  4. I didn’t like this either, I got the same problems as you did, getting it off is a hassle (foil method is faster) and I had horrible blue staining as well. I haven’t dared try others after my experience with Essence.

  5. I’ve only tried Elmer’s glue and it works great, I just wish it dried faster. If my polish doesn’t peel off immediately I just get my nails wet and that does the trick. I’m still open to trying out some store bought product if it dries faster.

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