Copper Alloy

copper alloy metal nail polish

L.A. Girl Copper Alloy.  It’s part of their METAL collection.  Love the color… but not on me.  It’s just not my cup of tea.  I love orange in general.. but something about this exact shade of burnt shimmery orange- not my thing!  Maybe I prefer cool tones instead of warm.  IDK.  Everytime I glance down at my hands I’m like eckkk.  I know the pics make it look pretty….. but in real life it does not flatter me.  Or maybe I am just weird.

Do you like wearing this kinda color?

la girl metal copper alloy

23 thoughts on “Copper Alloy

  1. Tonight I re-arranged and sorted my nail polishes and one of the biggest collections was orange/coral! Mostly brights, but a lot of burnts as well!! Orange is my favorite colors so I guess I gravitate towards them, even when I don’t not wear them that often! Hah!

  2. I’m not a fan of orange normally, but I do love this polish! I think it looks great on you in the pictures, but maybe it looks a bit different in real life and that’s why you’re not sure about it 🙂

  3. I know what you mean. I have this really pretty coral orange, it looks ok in the pictures and everybody likes it, but every time I look at my hands I’m like, neeeeeh, no me gusta.

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