stamped OPI chevron

This is my first Nail Art Ideas Linkup design for the month of March.  I’m excited for the themes we have this month!  Especially AQUA for some reason . 😀

The theme for week 1 is STAMPING so I reachedbm 423 plate for my new Bundle Monster set!  I finally got the Create Your Own 2013 set that I’ve been lusting after.  I’m so excited to use them all!  For this easy chevron I used plate BM-423.

I’ve never done a traditional chevron using little pieces of zig zaggy tape or anything.  I’ve always felt like if I tried I would screw it up!  Me and tape don’t always get along.  So using a stamping plate instead was the perfect solution for me! I generally have good luck with stamping.

Besides my bundle monster plate, I used three different OPIs for this manicure. I like how the different colors coordinate and clash all at the same time for a cool 80’s vibe.  Here’s what I’m wearing:

♥ Did It On ‘Em ♥ Elephantastic Pink ♥ Haven’t the Foggiest 

chevron mix mani

Thinking of joining in on the March N.A.I.L. fun?  More info right here- NAILLINKUP.  And don’t forget to check out the other stamping manis >>

Stamping –


17 thoughts on “STAMPING- OPI Chevron for #NAILLINKUP

  1. Amazing job! I am glad you finaly got your hands on the Create Your Own plates. They are way to cute not to buy them. Have you noticed there a new challenge? BM has launched the cyo competion for 2014.

  2. I really like this chevron manicure,
    The pictures of this article, look also great!
    Thanks for sharing this mani with us 😉

    Xx julia

  3. Wow that’s really pretty. The shape of your nails goes especially well with that look. For some reason it never even occurred to me that there was a plate for chevron patterns, I assumed people did them with tape. Good to know, and very nice site!

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