Abs Challenge, #NAILLINKUP, and AVON!

ARE YOU INTO PHYSICAL FITNESS? I go to group fitness classes a lot and I’m always trying to get in better shape. If you are too then you should follow my pinterest board right here: FIT QUEST. I feel like I need an extra boost right now to whip me into shape though. Spring is around the corner! My fitness-partner-in-crime Vanessa (who has debuted her nails on my blog with her skull nails right here) put together a cool ABS CHALLENGE calendar for us. She printed the calendar for me and I’m going to check off each day that I do the workout. She based our calendar on this abs challenge shown below.  I’m going to start the challenge today, March 1st 2014.  At the end I’ll be doing 125 situps?  Yikes.  You should think about it though (if you’re into that kinda stuff) and lemme know if you try it!

30 Day Ab Challenge Fitness Workout Chart


Speaking of challenges!  If you are into nail art challenges….Brijit and Eeeek and I will announce the March Nail Art Ideas Linkup (N.A.I.L.) themes tomorrow Sunday March 2nd!  I love our graphic for the March N.A.I.L.!  Brijit did a great job on it- wait til you see it.   🙂

Oh, and the February N.A.I.L. is almost over.  The inlinkz are open through Sunday March 2nd.  That means I’ll be sneaking in my last mani for February pretty soon!  I can’t believe that I haven’t done my week 4 GLITTER theme yet!  I have 24 hrs left, but have something awesome planned for when I stop typing.  I’m gonna try a dark funky glittery french!  So that will be my next post.

I also wanted to show you some new stuff that’s in the latest AVON Campaign 6 catalog that I got from my AVON lady.  I scanned them on my flatbed scanner and they came out okay.

Avon is now selling these cute little gradient sponges for $1.99 >>

avon nail art sponge

I don’t need this product since I use makeup wedges… but I think this is pretty cool!  Especially for someone who’s new at nail art.

Don’t you love the pale shades she’s wearing in this pic?  They’re called Serene and Honeydew Dazzle.  Here’s another shot showing what the bottles look like.  I might have to order Serene!

avon campaign 6

So, if you don’t have an AVON lady this is the kinda nail stuff you are missing out on!  They also have crackle toppers on sale right now for $1.89.  Insanity!

That’s all for now!  See you later tonite with my glitter french manicure!

22 thoughts on “Abs Challenge, #NAILLINKUP, and AVON!

  1. Oooo……… The Challenge seems do-able! I’m trying to get more physically healthy so I can have another baby. 🙂 Yay for fitness!

  2. Avons polish is great. I am doing Jillian Michaels Shred it With Weights and running. I get the best results with any of the Biggest Loser hosts DVD,s and Pilates, but I also enjoy running.

    • Really? Thank you for the info! I have a biggest loser dvd that I’ve only done sporadically. Maybe i should work that into my weekly routine for a bit.

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