Blue Blasted Nails

 blue crackle nails

Check out my blue crackle nails!  I’m wearing my most-used nail polish my base- AVON Orange Creamsicle.  I can’t even count the number of times I’ve used this orange for nail art on this blog.  Then I topped it with a thin coat of Sephora by OPI’s crackle nail polish (they call their crackle line BLASTED) in Electric Blue Blasted.  The blue and orange combo looks rad together!  I’m also very impressed with the formula of sephora’s blasted.  It’s not as thick and clumpy as other brands and application was easy.  I also love the way it crackled.  Win!  Now I’m wondering what other colors to pair under this blue.  What do you think would look nice?  A light purple maybe?

blasted nails

20 thoughts on “Blue Blasted Nails

  1. Cool! Normally crackles layered over a polish looks kinda boring, and as you say they feel thick and also have a tendency of looking thick which make everything look kinda thick and non-elegant. This OPI polish on the other hand looks great, in looks very thin and I like that it is so colorful! I also like the contrast of the bright blue and the bright orange! I think I would match it with other bright colors, like bright red, hot pink, yellow, neon green etc. Perhaps black too 😀

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