Island Girl

Today I’m showing you a couple Island Girl Hawaii products- a blue nail polish called Tropical Magic and a scented cuticle oil.  Heads up- this may be the most beautiful cuticle oil that you’ve ever seen!

But first let’s look at this luscious blue….

island girl blue

Shown here is one coat of Sally Hansen basecoat, two coats of Tropical Magic and one coat of seche vite topcoat.  Like most dark blues it’s almost a one-coater… but you’ll probably need a second coat to cover a few bald spots.  Nice bright blue, huh?!  I love it.

tropical magic

The other Island Girl product that I’ve been coveting lately is this gorgeous lavender scented cuticle oil.  It has real dried flowers in it.  It’s shaped like a nail polish bottle, but a little bigger, and it also has an applicator brush that resembles a standard nail polish brush.  It’s so easy to apply- I love using it after every manicure while I wait for my topcoat to dry.  It’s so pretty with all the bright flowers that it feels like a real treat every time I use it!

cuticle oil flowers

Island Girl products are made in the USA and are sold mainly in Hawaii at ABC Stores.  But you may be able to find them elsewhere…I got this stuff when I spotted an ABC Store in Las Vegas.  Or you can view them online at ABC -Island Girl Cosmetics.

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12 thoughts on “Island Girl

    • That will be awesome!
      I actually bought a 3-pack of the flowery cuticle oil for $13 when I was there. I gave two away though! But this one bottle I have feels like it will last forever…

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