Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day!  Yesterday I said I was done with valentines nails but I guess I lied.  Just one more girly design before the holiday passes us by! 

If you are sad today, make sure to read to the end of this post cuz I will make you feel better…  or, I’ll try at least!

valentines day roses nails

The other day my mom gave me this Sinful Colors light pink called Glass Pink.  She was disappointed with it since she thought it would be more opaque.  I was like Ooooh I’ll take it.  But after doing one coat on my nails I see what she was talking about!!  I didn’t like the idea of VNL today, so I brushed a little white Zoya Purity on my tips and also did some random white splotches to help build up some opacity.   Then I applied two more coats of my sheer pink over top.  Et voila!  I have this kinda marbled thing goin on which made a nice base for my stamping.  Then I stamped with a bright pink Nicole by OPI called Be Ama-zing and my MASH 39 plate.   Then I slathered on my seche vite topcoat.

It looks like something Barbie would wear on her nails!

mash stamp roses nail art The perfect little v-day mani !  This is also my post for #VALENTINEPOLISHWEEK hosted by Gelic’ nail art and Traces of Polish

What are you up to this valentines day?? My boyfriend and I will probably have a low-key vday this year. We got absolutely SLAMMED with snow within the last 24hrs. I should post a pic- you won’t believe it! We already had about a foot on the ground and just got around another 18inches… It looks like the polar cap over here! Sounds like a netflix movie night is in order.  Maybe a nice rom-com?  😀

Oh, also… I hate the idea of any ladies out there being sad on v-day.  Cuz believe me, I’ve been there before!  If you are sad or mad, leave me a comment and I will respond with something that makes you feel better!  Or maybe this rotten e-card will cheer you up a tad.  Luv all you girls!!  xoxox

Everyone is getting married and having babies, while I am over here sleeping in, buying new stuff, and drinking vodka.I win!

image courtesy of http://www.rottenecards.com

18 thoughts on “Happy Valentines Day

  1. That is very sweet of you. So here I go.. I am sad, because I took my evening free from studying to spend it online with my boyfriend. He went out. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t forbid him or anything, I just know he will be pouting tomorrow because I have to study for exams and can’t play any online games with him. He knows I have exams next week and that I need to study hard.
    Stupid isn’t it. So I’m slightly disappointed…

    Lovely mani and bad girl for lying 😛

        • I know how you feel! Before my boyfriend and I moved in together – we were long distance for a few lonnng yrs! It was really hard, and when something would go awry (weekend plans together got cancelled, or he didn’t return a call, etc) it would stress me out. Because my mind would start thinking all these things. But, it’s just stress that you impose on yourself. Because someday you will be physically together again and all will be right with the universe!!!!!! ❤ Oh, and you will graduate top of your class since you had time to study! haha I had to throw that part in!

          • Thanks, that made me smile :D. We did live together for 2 and half years before I came to the UK. So yeh, you’re right I am stressed and still not used to the situation. Aand it will be 9 year anniversary at 26th of Feb. I just hope that things will work out and I get to go home for a week over the easter.

            • Being apart after being together for so long is a big adjustment! I guess you two will appreciate each other even more once you get back. They always say Distance makes the heart grow fonder.

  2. This is the cutest thing ever! ❤ I love how you turned the non-opaque polish to this master piece. Also super fun that you joined ❤

    Me and my bf had a chill evening in the sofa with tacos and a movie, After that we baked cookies.. 🙂

  3. 1. I love the mani. Definitely reminds me of Barbie.
    2. I had a great evening with my hubby. We went out for sushi and it was just lekker fun.
    3. Sadly that’s the only moment of happiness we got this weekend because we got home to MASSIVE problems so I’m battling at the moment to keep my chin up

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